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How to Arrange Unexpected Guests -


The situation "guests on the doorstep" for you is well known and even ordinary, but the problem of placing numerous friends is still relevant? So our new material is for you!

Meet guests, including unexpected ones, forHospitable hostess is happiness. However, this does not solve one of the main problems of almost any city apartment - lack of convenient places for gatherings. The key word in this case is "convenient", to seat friends in the living room on stools brought from the kitchen - almost the best way to permanently rid your house of guests.

Let's start with the ideal option that will suit everyone: an "aquarium" with pillows - an event that is not easy and possible only in a very large apartment or in a country house. However, it's worth it.

Why buy a soft coffee table? It is called, by the way, an ottoman. The thing is that when the time comes, to seat on such a "table" it will be possible to four people.

The set of some sofas includes similar in design ottomans. When choosing a sofa in the living room, it is worth paying attention to such subtleties.

Do not be afraid to choose ottomans of motley shades - to enter them into neutral surroundings will help pillows with dynamic ornament and wall painting.

Are you a fan of old chests, in which you prefer to store winter things? Excellent! A pair of cushions on the lid - and a soft bench "with a history" is ready.

Coffee tables are now produced in the most unusual decorations. For example, here such a wicker table with a dense elastic filler is quite suitable for gathering in front of a low table.

This bench is in someone's hallway - in boxes you can hide textiles or off-season furniture. With the arrival of guests, boxes are released, turned over and softened with cushions. Here is a set of thin puffs - an ideal option for a hospitable home.