The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to plan a one-piece for two with an area of ​​55 squares: an example from Moscow -

Thanks to a well-thought-out layout and competentдизайнерским решениям в этой однокомнатной квартире площадью всего 55 квадратных метров нашлось место не только для спальни, гостиной и кухни, но даже для рабочего места и отдельной гардеробной Дизайнер Оксана Цымбалова умеет работать не только с , но и с маленькими пространствами, одно из которых досталось ей в виде однокомнатной квартиры площадью 55 кв. м. Сложностей было сразу несколько: уместить на небольшой площади всё необходимое, вписать в интерьер любимую картину хозяйки и угадать предпочтения её мужа, которому эта квартира делалась в качестве сюрприза и подарка от любимой. Оксана Цымбалова, дизайнер Выпускница юридического факультета Тюменского государственного университета. Кардинально изменила траекторию жизни, оставив в прошлом успешную карьеру начальника отдела в «Газпроме» и пойдя по пути детской мечты стать дизайнером. В 2015 окончила Международную школу дизайна и прошла курсы профессиональной квалификации Виктории Якуша в Киеве, сразу же начала вести проекты. Сегодня Оксана не только дизайнер, но также руководитель собственной мастерской «Дом солнца» и эксперт в правовых вопросах дизайнеров. Для хозяев было очень важно получить не только красиво оформленное, но и функциональное жильё с полноценной спальней и большим количеством мест для хранения. Также нельзя было обойтись без зоны столовой, кухни, гостиной и рабочего места. Решать такую непростую задачу нужно было в первую очередь с помощью планировки: кухню, гостиную и столовую зону объединили в открытое пространство, а внутреннюю перегородку между комнатой и кухней демонтировали, выделив таким образом место для спальни и . Дверной проём в несущей стене переносить не стали во избежание лишних трат. Oksana Tsymbalova, designer:- The owners of this apartment are active and business people with a good sense of humor. They enjoy using new technologies, they love travel, nature and solitude. The interior of their apartment was supposed to be modern, comfortable and functional. The main difficulty was that the main communication took place with the owner of the apartment, and for her husband this project was a surprise. The fact that the customer fully approved the planning solution and the visual part was our main success. Entrance hall The owners have got a complex shape: upon entering the apartment, the gaze immediately rests on the wall. The designer decided to neutralize this effect with the help of a small coat hanger and a shoe rack. The side wall of the cabinet was decorated with a ready-made moss phyto-panel. Such a bold at first glance solution is actually very practical: the stabilized volumetric reindeer lichen for years does not require watering, lighting and special care, and the coating itself is conveniently mounted on a vertical surface "joint to joint". Here there was a favorite picture of the mistress,which she wanted to use in the interior. The place for her was found in the back of the hall above a small puff. Also in this zone, a large mirror was installed, before which it is convenient to assemble and which simultaneously visually increases the space. Kitchen-living room The main idea of ​​this project wasnot just combining the living room, kitchen and dining area, but creating a smoothly flowing, maximally light and airy space. The trends in the design of the living room are associated with a general change in the outlook on this room: today it is increasingly seen not as a place for noisy gatherings with friends, but as a kind of refuge after a hard day at work. Therefore, the interior of the living room should be relaxing, neutral and relaxing. The recreation area turned out to be small in size, butfunctional: a folding sofa can be used as an extra bed, and an additional storage system is provided in the TV group located opposite. Despite the fact that the interior is made in a modern style, there is both coziness and a romantic, relaxing atmosphere in it. The designer achieved such a mood with the help of a soft fluffy carpet, phyto-paintings from moss, different light sources, furniture upholstery, light curtains and a calm color scheme. When decorating the kitchen area, the following wasgoal: as much free space as possible, as little visible small objects as possible. To do this, Oksana used three basic principles. First, every thing must carry a functional load. Second, the number of decorations is minimal, since the kitchen is combined with the living room. Third, furniture should have laconic geometric shapes. So, in the kitchen area, a kitchen set covered with matte lacquer appeared, made to order according to the designer's sketches, a folding dining table for 4 and 8 persons, transparent chairs, as well as a sink. The countertop of the work surface is made of artificial stone. Oksana Tsymbalova, designer:- Adhering to the trend towards environmental friendliness of housing, we included high-quality water filters, good sprayers with aerators and sensor taps in the project: all this significantly saves not only the resources of the Earth, but also the family budget of customers. Bedroom and wardrobe The central place in the bedroom is occupied by a bed from the Italian factory Busnelli. There are few other pieces of furniture: bedside tables and a TV area with a storage system opposite. If necessary, you can attach a chair to the hinged pedestal table and thus get a workplace, and hide things in a wall cabinet. A full dressing room is provided for storing clothes. It also allocated space for a washing machine and several shelves for household chemicals and towels. Balcony Quite long balcony was decideddivided into two parts by an easily erected structure: a drying area was placed in the half belonging to the bedroom, and a cozy place for tea drinking and relaxation in the living room part. Bathroom As a wall covering inthe bathroom used two finishing materials at once: granite and microcement in the bath and storage area. The floor is paved with Barlinek parquet boards. The plumbing was chosen by the German manufacturer KLUDI. For storage in the bathroom there are built-in open shelves in the niche and made according to the sketches of the designer cabinet. In this interior were used: Entrance hall:

  • pouf - Bolia (Denmark);
  • cabinets are made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • Overhead LED light - Centrsvet (Russia), model Nail.

Living room:

  • sofa - Jardan (Avstarliya), model Vista;
  • carpet - Jacaranda Carpets (Great Britain);
  • a coffee table - Kartell (Italy), model Jelly Table;
  • tables - Sancal (Spain), collection Flash, model NUDO;
  • wall lamp - designer Francesc Vilaró (Spain), model GROK Invisible;
  • cabinets are made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • parquet board - Barlinek (Russia), collection Senses.

Kitchen-dining room:

  • The kitchen set is made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • washing - BLANCO (Germany), model STATURA 6-IF;
  • dining table - LifestyleFurn (Denmark), model Kim;
  • chairs - model Louis Ghost, designer Philippe Starck;
  • microcement - EDFAN (Argentina);
  • parquet board - Barlinek (Russia), collection Senses.


  • bed - Busnelli (Italy), model Sedona Basso;
  • cabinets are made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • Overhead lamps - Centersvet (Russia), model DROP.


  • plumbing - KLUDI (Germany);
  • the cabinet is made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • washbasin made to order according to designer sketches;
  • lighting - XAL (Austria);
  • microcement - EDFAN (Argentina);
  • parquet board - Barlinek (Russia), collection Senses.

The visualizer is Anton Yakushev.