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Ideas for the kitchen: a dinette with a corner kitchen sofa


A dining table set in a corner is likeThe minimum is not ergonomic - half of the useful space is immediately "pushed into the wall." The only painless way to deal with the problem is the kitchenette. How to choose it, where to place and whether it costs to bother at all, read in our material

We heard about the kitchen corners. At one time the L-shaped tiny sofa in the kitchen was almost the main interior dream of every second mistress. Indeed, with the appearance of this piece of furniture, you could abandon half of the stools, say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable chairs and finally accommodate the whole family in the kitchen.

Today, kitchen corners have not lost popularity, but more and more often cause doubts - is it worth it? Today we will try to answer this question. Let's start with the most important thing - weighing the pros and cons. pros

1. With the appearance of the kitchen corner seating seats in the kitchen will add at least twice. Do not forget that with the sofa you can still use stools and chairs. So, from now on, you can eat in the kitchen not only with the whole family, but in a small company of friends.

2. Recently, the concept of "kitchen corner" has expanded to a set of several sofas, which, depending on the situation, can be placed in any sequence - perpendicular and parallel to each other, along a long table or even around several tables.

3. Such kind of sofas are in most cases equipped with an additional storage system. There is hardly any need to explain what is the lack of space in the kitchen.

4. On how carefully you approach the choice of the kitchen corner model, the possibility of the appearance of an extra bed in your house depends. Yes, "corners" can and such. And for the soft, comfortable sofa with a deep fit will be especially grateful to the older generation. Grandmothers really like to sit in the kitchen for a cup of tea. 5. Three rows of standing chairs roughly correspond to the dimensions of the four-seater kitchen sofa. Saving space is obvious. Minuses

1. To choose a "corner", which corresponds to the style of the already developed interior, may not be such a simple task. Quite possibly, you will have to ask for help in the furniture workshop.

2. To sit in the center of the sofa surrounded by friends and relatives is, of course, joyful, but a sudden urgent phone call can cloud the situation. Have you ever tried to get out of the middle of the series right in the middle of a movie show? 3. Fans of eclecticism will hardly have to taste so large a form that can not be modified. The same kitchen chairs can be selected in a variety of styles. But the sofas are often rather monotonous and massive. How to choose and where to put

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with the second point -Choice of placement. Are you going to use the corner to divide the area of ​​the kitchen and living room, or, conversely, to hide the dining area in the corner opposite the window. Perhaps, you plan to constantly move the dining table and, depending on the situation, connect it with the bar / kitchen island. Only by clearly responding to this question, you can proceed with the choice of the model. Kitchen corner set

Modern corners are produced in a variety ofFormats. Some are delivered in the form of a corner sofa with stools and a table, others are two small identical sofas, the third resemble narrow benches with cushions. The choice of equipment depends on your personal situation. However, according to experience, you can see that the tables in the kits are rarely delivered sufficiently high quality and durable. And if you still decide on the chairs, find them in the appropriate department, where for certain there are models that suit you not only in style, but also in size. Decoration

The desire to decorate everything and bring it to perfectionIt is quite natural, and in some cases it is absolutely necessary. For example, if you still could not find the "corner" that would fit perfectly into the environment, you can correct the situation by using pillows, changing the upholstery or additional textile drapery. Fixtures are also able to play a role, especially if the kitchen is used not only for food intake, but also for reading, doing homework by the younger generation or the scientific activity of the elder. In any case, if you approach the choice of the kitchen corner with due attention, your kitchen can turn into the most favorite place in the house.