If something is wrong with your interior: correcting the basic mistakes -


Sometimes you feel that the interior of something is notenough. Look carefully: what do you dislike first of all - emptiness, facelessness, errors in lighting? Maybe you just get bored of the usual things? We will help to refresh the decor quickly and easily. Sometimes nothing in the interior is happy. Perhaps something went wrong from the very beginning, and maybe your tastes and life circumstances simply changed. In any case, the decor is designed to make your life brighter, and we'll teach you simple ways of easy updating: you're definitely not bored.

Somehow everything is faceless. What to do?

Add layering decor.Mix and match textiles, mix objects of different shapes and sizes on the coffee table. Maybe there are not enough fresh flowers? Pictures and photos on the walls? Bright spots on a neutral background? Different textures? Remember that everything does not have to be even and the same - this is the path to facelessness.

Something's wrong with the lighting. How to fix?

Do not rely on one source, but workvarious lighting scenarios: day, evening, during dinner, during a party, for reading, for cleaning, for a romantic dinner. Combine different types of lamps: suspended, floor, wall, to have freedom for maneuvers. By default, each room should have at least three options for light, counting candles.

I do not feel harmony in the decor. What to add?

One more thing at a minimum.Symmetry and balance are good when they touch larger objects. Decorative accessories - flowers, candles, figurines, little things - look much better in groups with an odd number of elements. Designers call this idea "the rule of three" - but sometimes a composition of five or even seven objects will decorate the interior. Try it and see for yourself - everything is very effective.

Boring interior - how to be?

Add personality!The interior will tell your unique story if you boldly showcase what is truly dear to you. Do not try to create a soulless picture from the catalog, strive for an image that pleases your heart. Try to fit your favorite photo, a statement, something made with your own hands, a set of souvenirs from memorable places or a portrait of your beloved dog into the decor.