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Everyone made these mistakes: 15 taboos in decor -


Make mistakes, making out your own house, especiallyOffensive, because their ignoring will cost you peace of mind, and correction - time and money. Do you think that this will not happen to you? Believe me, even people with perfect taste and boundless possibilities are mistaken. It is better to be safe and read beforehand about typical problems of decor Design is both a science and an art. Making mistakes, taking difficult decisions about what your house will look like is not shameful, although it would be better to do without it. Often what looks beautiful in the picture does not stand up to the test of everyday life. Sometimes you should not listen to even the most benevolent advice, and sometimes, on the contrary, you need to take into account the opinion of those who are more experienced. In any case, warned - it means armed, and we'll tell you about the main taboos of the decor, so that you do not repeat mistakes of others.

1. Combine everything with everything

Sets of furniture and curtains with a pattern that repeats inPrecision drawing of carpet or sofa cushions, were popular back in the 80's, when there was simply no alternative. Now other times, and buy the whole atmosphere with the same color, material and design - it means just to admit your own laziness. Do not you want the interior to be completely yours, unique? Then choose objects that do not repeat each other, but complement.

2. The carpet is too small

Bought a carpet, which one found, if only it was? In vain. This is really an excellent decor option, helping to combine all the elements of design into a single image and make the room warmer. But a small square of cloth in the middle of the room makes a very sad impression. The basic rule is that the carpet should touch the edges of all pieces of furniture. In a large room it is permissible to visually select several zones, including with the help of rugs, but they must cover a large area.

3. Too many things

If you know a lot about the secrets of the organizationSpace, styles and arrangement, it is tempting to literally fill every square meter with what seems to you beautiful and useful. Try to stop on time. As each writer needs an editor, so every interior needs someone who says "stop, enough." Leave in the house a place to live.

4. Too Little Things

Even the love of minimalism does not mean thatThe room must be empty. The interior, which does not allow the attention of the observer to linger, does not allow the view to travel and to discover all the new interesting details - it's trite boring. Fear of making a mistake can force you to limit yourself to a minimum of details, but it will also steal the identity and soul of your home.

5. Inappropriate decor

Always consider the context of the design. A tropical paradise will look strange if you have snow all year round. The desire to recreate the Winter Palace in a standard apartment will fail as soon as the surfaces fill garbage and trifles, and attempts to make a loft in a tiny room or to recreate the coziness of a country style in a huge one are doomed to failure in most cases.

6. One-stop design

Advantages of large interior networks andFurniture stores are obvious, you can buy everything you need here at a time. But do not turn your house into a page from the catalog, let it tell your story, not the story invented by designers for imaginary people. If you wish, you can always go back to the store, and in the meantime, turn to other opportunities, instead of blindly copying ideas.

7. Problems with proportions

All objects in the room do not have to beThe same, but their dimensions should correspond and correspond to the general proportions. Huge lights and a giant sofa look strange in a tight space or next to a tiny little table. But if you manage to keep balance, even things of non-standard sizes will find their right place.

8. Uncomfortable interior

Your home is not a museum, and if guests feelthemselves constrained and afraid to touch the furniture once again, then. It would be better for the interior to be welcoming and to induce the desire to relax and have a good time, rather than straighten your back and wear white gloves. Add coziness and eclecticism.

9. Inconvenient furniture

Maybe you have confused furniture with objectsArt? Art admire, but on the couch and chairs still sit. Uncomfortable furniture - too hard, soft, cramped - does not cause a desire to settle down and spend time in the room, it prompts you to leave the house as soon as possible. Be sure to sit and lie down on beds and chairs before buying, in no sensible store you will not be forbidden to do this.

10. Size mismatch

Never buy things "by eye".In the worst case, the sofa simply won't fit through the doorway. But, for example, too short curtains will not add beauty to the interior, but will make the ceilings visually lower, as an incorrectly selected length of trousers shortens the legs. A lamp that doesn't reach the couch where you are reading is useless. And the coffee table, barely squeezed between the chair and the sofa, will leave no room for maneuver. Know the basic parameters of your room and mindfully. For example, try to arrange it in advance in a computer program to avoid unpleasant surprises.

11. Problems with the color of the walls

If the color of the walls is the first solution in the designRooms, all other actions are subordinate to him. Why not start with furniture and other more expensive decor items, and then choose the right shade? And do not forget to test the paint in a small area and evaluate how it looks with different light scenarios.

12. Too high-placed paintings

Attention attracts what is at the level ofeye. Too high placed posters and pictures either remain unnoticed, or force you to bully your head. The same with the shelves under the ceiling - put out there what you do not plan to use, because it is likely that the things that are missing from the field of vision will simply disappear for you.

13. Decor, which you do not even like

Getting rid of things is hard, but accept howgiven - preferences and circumstances change. You should not be attached all your life to something that no longer brings joy. Evaluate the suitability of your decor to your today's tastes and needs and boldly make room for new,.

14. Furniture near the walls

Exhibition of furniture in a row near the wall - a heritageFormer times. Then we have not heard about the magic possibilities of zoning, which allows using objects and decor to create, even in a small room, conditionally separate spaces for different occupations. You will see - the house will become more cozy, it is only necessary to move the furniture closer to the center.

15. Blind fidelity to fashion

The problem of trendy trends is that theyQuickly get bored. Think about whether you are ready to spend several years in a room whose color is at the height of popularity now? Do not you choose the decor, because you saw the same in the homes of many friends? Do not you try to repeat the style of a celebrity home, whose life is very different from yours? Trust yourself and your taste - on it you can build a lifetime, in contrast to the momentary mood of fashion.