Spice storage: kitchen arrangement and convenient organization of space


Aromatic spices and seasonings inspireculinary feats, but there are difficulties in storing them, not to mention the eternal shortage of space in the kitchen. Here are 10 bright and inspiring ideas that will make your mouth water. Food without spices is insipid. There are so many spices, herbs and additives - and. In addition, many people forget that the way of storage affects the freshness and taste of the seasonings.


Often spices remain in open sachetsand quickly deteriorate. It is better to pour them into hermetically sealed bags and, for example, hang on clothes pegs. Or use the organizer with a lot of transparent pockets.


The best way to store spices is hermetically sealed containers. An interesting idea: use jars from under the dragon "Tick-tak", they are so compact and light that you can even take them on a trip.


Now let's figure out where to store the spice jars. If possible, you can select a whole shallow retractable for them. And take the time to sign each jar.

Vertical case

A narrow drawer is convenient for storing even tall bottles of olive oil and vinegar.


The reverse side of the cabinet door with fixings forjars or even shelves, built directly into the door - what a saving space! But remember that seasonings do not like temperature drops, do not store them near a stove or battery.


A separate locker for seasoning is a luxury. Think about using a small locker-first-aid kit or a small commode.


Such open shelves with many squareCells were used to sort mail or store keys in hotels. A similar idea is the inverted boxes for transporting bottles. Very unusual and bright option, but keep in mind that the spices are poorly stored in the light - choose containers of dark glass.

Test tubes

Another way of storage that turns your kitcheninto the alchemist's office - test tubes. Store them in a box or a metal basket and make sure that the plug fits tightly - otherwise moisture can spoil the spices.

On magnets

Spices in jars with magnets are conveniently attached to any metal surface. For example, on the refrigerator. Magnets from travel will have to be sacrificed.


If you have to store spices in a closet along with other jars, dishes and, a multi-level stand will save space. It will be much easier to get the right jar.,