House and Cottage

Interior of a country house: a bright lining and French decor


In the white walls of this house, they successfully coexistitems with different styles and colors In this house, finished with clapboard, you do not expect to see so many bright interior items. Alexandra Melnikova, designer Decorator, a graduate of the school-studio "Details", has been designing residential and public spaces in Russia and Europe since 2010.

Customers - married couple - purchased readya country house to spend the summer there with the whole family. On weekends, an adult daughter often comes to visit with her husband and child. The house, built about 12 years ago in a picturesque place among the fir trees, quite suited the owners until they finally decided not to move there.

It became clear that the house needed to be renovated and adapted for year-round living.

The task was to bring the house in order from a constructive point of view, without global destruction, within the budget, and create a modern interior that supports the spirit of suburban life.

Constructive changes touched the bathrooms, stairs and fireplace. In the bathrooms changed the location of the plumbing, the staircase was redesigned for convenience.

The fireplace remained in its original place, but it was increaseddue to the angular furnace. Previously, he was more like a stove with a small firebox, aimed only at the kitchen - now it was possible to admire fire from anywhere in the living room. With the help of added partitions, the space of the living room, children's room, hallway and swimming pool has been adjusted.

All the walls in the house were repainted in white - this was done to create a sense of space and air in the house, color favorably highlighted the ceiling difference in the living room.

Effectively supported this game light ceiling chandeliers, wooden openings and Roman curtains on the windows. The walls have become an excellent background for thefurther decorating zadumok in all rooms of the house. The emphasis was on the selection of furniture of different textures and shades, the abundance of natural materials, bright decorative details, art and painting. Bright colors in contrast added moods to each space.

  • All walls are painted with paint Tikkurila.
  • The floor of larch is restored and covered with oil.
  • All curtains in the house are sewn to order in the studio of Marina Tkachik.

In the kitchen, dining room and living room used:

  • kitchen - "Announcement";
  • countertop - made of artificial stone;
  • dining table - from teak Teak House;
  • chairs - IKEA, seat covers on chairs are tailor-made;
  • Curtains - made of natural flax;
  • chandelier above the table - "Geometry";
  • sofa and coffee table - Natuzzi;
  • coffee table at the sofa - Crate and Barrel;
  • The console behind the sofa is made to order according to the decorator's sketches;
  • a picture of a sofa at a table - AGGnetov;
  • lamp - The Furnish;
  • velvet pouf - MhLiving;
  • painting - Mikhail Polyakov;
  • console from the array - Portugal;
  • chandelier balls - Random Light by Moooi;
  • floor lamp - "Geometry";
  • The fireplace is faced with English tiles of manual molding;
  • leather upholstery - The Furnish;
  • table - Crate and Barrel.


  • floor - marble;
  • watercolor - Alexander Nazarov.

A guest room:

  • armchair and chest of drawers - IKEA;
  • table - MhLiving;
  • of the photo - Victor Polinkovsky;
  • plaid - Kenzo.

Guest bathroom (first floor):

  • tile on the floor - from the collection of Paola Navone;
  • a curbstone and a teak mirror - Teak House;
  • sink - made of natural stone;
  • mixer - Hansgrohe.

Hall (second floor):

  • console of teak - Teak House;
  • pouffes - Moon;
  • lamps - Decor Fusion;
  • painting - George Doguzov.

Master bedroom:

  • the head of the bed is made of linen according to the decorator's sketches;
  • bedside tables - of teak;
  • lamps - Gramercy Home;
  • armchairs - Richmond;
  • coffee table - BoConcept;
  • painting - A. Chaika;
  • chest of drawers - IKEA;
  • flowerpots - MhLiving;
  • watercolor - Alexander Nazarov.

Bathroom in the master bedroom:

  • floor, walls - travertine;
  • teak cupboards - Teak House;
  • sink - made of natural stone;
  • Mixers - Hansgrohe.


  • teak table - Teak House;
  • leather armchair - MhLiving;
  • painting - Alexander Oligerov.

Children's room:

  • the head of the bed made of velvet is made to order according to the sketches of the decorator;
  • watercolor above the bed - Alexander Nazarov;
  • chandelier, bookcases and chair - IKEA;
  • mirror, custom made for the project - IfDecor.