Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Interior in the style of minimalism: apartment with 3 rooms in 4 colors


There is little color here, but a lot of ideas and finds,which can be used in almost any interior to add comfort and brightness to it Minimalism, comfort and environmental friendliness in this apartment have found a new sound. There are only four shades here, but thanks to the variety of materials and shapes, the interior is stylish, solid and incredibly warm. How all this became possible, the author of the project told us. Tatiana Levina, architect

Member of the Union of Moscow Architects.

She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in specialization "Residential and public buildings".

Laureate of many professional awards and competitions.

- In this project we carried out the redevelopment. The main area was the living room combined with the kitchen-dining room. It is large in area and the main purpose. All life is concentrated here.

In the private area of ​​the apartment there are three rooms -Children's room, study / guest room (in the future a bedroom) and master bedroom with its own dressing room. There is also a bathroom. In the public area there is a bathroom for guests. There is also a laundry room and a spacious hall with a wardrobe. In the whole apartment there are only two TV sets - in the living room and bathroom.

For color design, fourBasic shades: brown, beige, gray and white. Brown is a thermal board. Beige is a brick. Gray - micro-cement. White - ceilings and cabinet furniture. Kitchen and wooden shelving in the living room are made to order by author's sketches.

Furniture for the living room was chosen on the basis ofFunctional needs. The case furniture was decided to take a white, simple and concise. Upholstered furniture was supposed to be luxurious: a sofa - B & B, armchairs, dining table and chairs - Bo-Concept.

In the bedroom the idea is the same. With a simple and clear design of the space, the bed was chosen from the B & B brand range. In a simple bathroom interior, we integrated expensive sanitary ceramics from Duravit. In other words, we worked with contrast, and not only in color, but also in materials.

The entire interior space was created accurateGeometric forms. The flooring here goes to the walls and ceiling. White color ceilings falls on the walls and continues in the decoration of the furniture. Gray color is in the micro cement on the walls. In contrast, a sofa and chairs work.

For finishing the floor in the apartment we choseThermal board, because this material can be used in the bathroom. Color - rich brown, different shades. So it's easier to emphasize the naturalness of the material.