Interior of the living room with their own hands: furniture and accessories


In modern urban apartments living roomis a very special space. This is a room in which not only the whole family and guests are going to rest, but also a berth is arranged. That is why the interior of the room has a number of features. Design of large living roomThe living room should meet all the requirements of coziness,style, beauty and practicality. This concerns the choice of colors and textiles, furniture and lighting. To make the living room cozy and stylish, you need to plan what kind of appearance it will take, what functions to perform.

Zoning the living room

To zoning the premises, you can usearches, curtains, partitions, etc. The interior of the drawing room with its own hands is complicated precisely because it includes a variety of completely different zones. In a modern apartment in the living room are arranged recreation areas, meals, games for children. Therefore, attention should be paid to where and how the work will be done on the distribution of spaces, how they will interact with each other. You can not combine a dining area and rest space between each other. They may be nearby, but they should not penetrate into each other. The zone for children's games should be separated. Bright natural light is welcome here in the daytime, a minimum of furniture. It is not recommended in the living room to arrange a bed, but if the area of ​​the apartment leaves no other choice, then organize it in such a way that it does not interfere with the rest of the situation. Back to contents</a>

Interior lighting

Lighting plays a special role in rooms.It allows you to transform even the smallest and cramped room, make it more spacious and brighter. When choosing lighting systems for a living room, you must consider:

  • rules of light distribution;
  • brightness of lamps;
  • color rendition;
  • shine;
  • direction of the light flux;
  • color temperature of lamps of lighting systems;
  • flickering;
  • level of natural light.

When arranging the living room should be correctselect and arrange lighting. It is necessary to combine all these parameters in such a way that they are balanced, harmonious. Due to correctly designed lighting systems, it is possible to efficiently zonate space, make it more comfortable, but not overloaded. For the living room, various models of lamps are used. Their selection depends on what kind of interior it will be. Usually it combines scattered and reflected light, it creates a soft and pleasant effect. At the same time, the illumination level is sufficient for a normal stay in the room. When arranging lighting devices, it is important to consider what kind of appliances and furniture are used for this. It is important to select all the lamps so that they match the style. For example, for a room in the classical style, sconces and floor lamps of strict shapes will fit, in the center of the ceiling a large chandelier will look good. For modern and bold style, spot lighting, which creates the necessary mood, is perfect. Often, these lamps can completely replace the central large chandeliers, which are not always suitable for decorating the room. Back to contents</a>

Living Room Furniture

Interior of the living room can not be planned withoutthe correct arrangement of furniture. We must separately consider each zone, its purpose, and then proceed to the selection of pieces of furniture. Usually modern furniture is purchased. These are tables, cabinets, shelves, sofas and armchairs. For the rest area closets are suitable, soft and comfortable armchairs, shelves, sofa. Used household appliances, for example, a television panel. Arrange pieces of furniture must be so that they are comfortable and do not clutter the space. Interior should not include a lot of furniture, but everything depends on the area of ​​the room. For example, if the TV and furniture are to stand at the different ends of the living room, then there should not be a long distance between them, otherwise their use will not be so convenient. But too close position will be inappropriate. To the interior of the living room was more harmonious and convenient, it is necessary to use such basic methods: The TV panel should be placed opposite the sofa.

  • The television panel should be placed in front of the sofa, next to the adjacent wall, chairs are placed. They can be located on the sides of the sofa, but not too closely.
  • The television panel is placed in the center, and around it a sofa and armchairs are placed opposite each other.
  • The interior should be arranged so that the personalspace did not decrease. Depending on the style, you can use both a fireplace and a capacious aquarium. But there are certain limitations. For example, a dining table should never be placed near a fireplace or between a television panel and a sofa. Do not place furniture so that it completely closes the passage to the balcony or makes it difficult. If the interior of the living room includes a dining area, then it must be separated by at least a rack. For separation, you can use other methods - a special lighting system, curtains in the form of beads, unusual floor lamps. But you can not overload the room with various accessories. It is important to choose furniture taking into account the style of the room. For example, an interior in the style of a country can not include metal pieces of furniture that are not at all suitable for romantic, classical styles. Back to contents</a>

    Accessories and textiles for the interior of the living room

    Curtains for the living room should match the style andthe color scheme of the decoration of the room itself. The living room is demanding for accessories and textiles. This is not only the upholstery of furniture, but also draperies, including curtains for windows, cloaks or upholstery sofas. Attention should be paid to the design of window openings. Many things depend on them, often draperies set the tone for the situation. Curtains should be selected taking into account the style of the interior. For example, silk, satin, velvet are perfect for the classic, and for country style it is best to take natural linen - cotton, linen. For finishing and light tulle is applied. It allows you to soften the bright daylight, but to provide good lighting. In addition to style, it is necessary to pay attention to the side on which the windows go. For the southern room, you can use darker draperies, while for the northern one only light and translucent ones are suitable. When choosing curtains, one should also take into account the color of the walls used. Use dark curtains can not, because they will create a too gloomy impression. In this case, cool shades will do. To finish the room you can use only tulle, but folds must be draped thicker. The pattern depends on the total area, but it is too confusing and often it is better not to apply it. It should be combined with patterns on the walls, with upholstery furniture. A successful solution for the living room will be lambrequins. For the living room, bold solutions and bright colors are great. In this case, one of the best solutions will be a modern style of high-tech or minimalism. They give the room more space, have the necessary strict features, while comfort is completely preserved. Cool colors and contrasting solutions are coming up. Textiles can be applied in strict accordance with the general style. The interior of the living room in classical style includesyourself in strict lighting, paintings on the walls, etc. The use of other accessories is taken into account. These are paintings on the walls, statues and other things. For the classical style are not so fanciful lamps, flooring elegant floor lamps. The paintings on the walls must be appropriate, the still-lifes are good, the types of picturesque corners of nature, family portraits. When choosing accessories for the living room, it must be remembered that they must fully correspond to the purpose of the room. You can use bookcases with books and trinkets, for coffee tables well suited beautiful vases with fruits and sweets. But a large number of dishes in the room will be superfluous, even if one part of it will be used as a dining room. It must be remembered that the living room is intended for general use and rest, the choice of accessories and textiles should fully meet this function. The interior of the living room with their own hands is not so difficult to create, if everything is provided in advance. The choice and design should be approached carefully. Considered are various finishes, lighting systems, textiles. It is required to take into account which functions the living room will perform, whether it is necessary to combine it with other premises.