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Interior in beige colors for one day: practical recommendations -

Exhibition i Saloni WorldWide Moscow started andIs ready to demonstrate to all those who wish novelties from the leaders of the world interior market. In this material, we focused on the items in the now fashionable beige color and options for working with it

Today in the exhibition center "Crocus Expo - 2"The exhibition was launched. One of the main interior events of the year gathered hundreds of European brands of the world level on its site. In addition to the latest interior novelties, the company brought the world's most respected designers and architects - masters of modern design will hold a series of master classes and will read several lectures.

Among the novelties of Italian brands, the trend of beige shades in the design of a wide variety of interior items is becoming more and more popular.

We wrote about this color a lot of laudatory as well as critical materials, but we can not deny the great love of our compatriots for this democratic and incredibly cozy shade.

The principles of working with this color are quite simple andUnpretentious. The main rule is not to focus on the same type of materials and textures. Moving a glance from light wood to velvet sand colors is much more pleasant than glamorous polished surfaces everywhere.

Directly shades of beige alsoquite a bit of. They can go as in gray scale, and in reddish-red, brown, pink or creamy. With such a rich selection of shades, the beige interior is simply not boring.

Another principle of working with beige is complianceTemperature regime. In other words, within the same room, we would recommend using both warm and cool shades of beige, but in a certain dosage. For example, in a room with windows facing the sunny side, most of the shades should have a cold spectrum, in which case only a few details of the design will be "warm". The same principle works with interiors facing north.

At the exhibition, which will last until October 15Inclusive, it will be possible not only to pick up interior items for all premises, including kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom, but also get acquainted with representatives of manufacturing companies. A huge plus i Saloni WorldWide Moscow is that many interior items, which can usually be seen only on the pages of catalogs, are available at the exhibition for acquaintance to all visitors.

The best option is to come to the exhibition withDesigner who designs the interior for you, in this case it will be possible not only to choose all the objects you like, but also to talk with representatives of the production facilities to create exclusive models.