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Kitchen interior: 4 steps how to make it stylish and functional


Create a kitchen of your dreams, where everything is on its ownplace, perfectly functions and at the same time looks stylish and modern - the task is not from the lungs. We invited the architect to lay out every detail of the process

To highlight the ever-pressing design issuea stylish, modern and practical kitchen, we have invited an architect. Natalya Guseva, architect Born in Moscow (a Muscovite in the fifth generation), graduated from the secondary school and children's art school of the Krasnopresnensky district in 1984, in 1986 graduated from the art school, in 1994 - from the Moscow Architectural Institute, Faculty of Housing. In 1996, she created her own design studio "Kvarta-eco". Now he runs his own design bureau Guseva-Style.

- In the age of fashionable technologies and technical innovationsyou can achieve the goal - to make the interior practical and convenient and at the same time comfortable and cozy. For this room to be stylish, original and functional, it is important to know how to create a kitchen room beautifully and correctly by yourself. Equipment

First you need to make a list of equipment,which you want to put in. Ask what is new in the world of kitchen appliances on sale today, because since your last purchase of a refrigerator or dishwasher, the technological features of these items could have undergone colossal changes. Science does not stand still, and every year kitchen equipment changes not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of shape and size, which can have a significant impact on the interior of your kitchen. Kitchen plan

Next, you need to sketch out a rough plan for yourself.arrangement of furniture and equipment on. The ideal option would be an arrangement that creates a complete technological chain of food preparation: a refrigerator, from which we take out food and then put them on the work surface, then there should be a sink, then again a work surface, followed by a hob with an extractor hood above it, and this chain should end again with a work surface.

This way of placing kitchen equipment -optimal for the process of cooking. Opposite this "chain" you can put a line of cabinets, where there will be dishes or groceries. Also, on the contrary, you can, for example, install everyone's favorite kitchen island, but if space permits. It is necessary to know that the distance between the line of kitchen equipment and the dining table or island should not be less than 70 cm and more than 130 cm. These are the most convenient ergonomic dimensions.

Very easy to use oven-free oven, which can be placed not below, under the hob, but in a column, at a level convenient for taking out baking trays from the oven. Style and palette

After all this, you can already think about the style.kitchens and If we choose a classic style, then finishing materials for countertops, window sills, kitchen apron and kitchen furniture should be natural: stone, stone mosaics, wood, ceramic tiles. Unnatural materials in a classic kitchen will look cheap and vulgar. There is no need to be afraid to upholster kitchen chairs with velvet, now on the market you can find natural velvet, specially processed technologically, it does not get wet and practically does not get dirty, and a kitchen with such material will look luxurious and cozy. Materials

Finishing materials for kitchens in modernstyle can be used artificial. For example, there were excellent worktops of artificial material, which are stronger in strength than natural stone. Excellent and functional will look at such a kitchen and an apron of plastic.

It is better to use warm colors: yellow, coffee, salad, baked milk color.

Warm colors favor digestion and create a pleasant, warm psychological atmosphere for cooking and for small kitchen gatherings. We have looked at the interiors of a wide variety of modern kitchens, and now we will see how our expert herself presents a fashionable, stylish and comfortable kitchen. Design by Natalia Guseva