Made with us: 6 of the most fashionable Russian furniture studio


Where to get Russian furniture that will servelong and will be exclusive? How to find a real master? In our article you will receive answers to these questions and get acquainted with the best furniture ateliers and their founders. Selecting the best, in our opinion, designers and furniture manufacturers, it is no coincidence that we preferred Russian manufacturers: they provide high-quality products in all respects. It can be both a production sample and a piece. Unique items created by the hands of Russian enthusiasts are highly valued in other countries, they are eagerly bought and ordered by foreign connoisseurs of exclusive and high-quality furniture, who have the opportunity to compare the products of the best European furniture ateliers and our craftsmen. And often the decision is made in favor of the latter. The main thing in any interior is the choice of style and furniture, and the first does not always determine the second. It happens that an unusual sofa you like, which is a piece by hand, can radically change your plans for decorating a room. However, the working environment should be as comfortable as possible, which means it should be carefully arranged. Indeed, often non-standard, unique solutions come precisely in an atmosphere devoid of state-owned tables and chairs, which have set the teeth on edge for standard cabinets and shelves. And if you are ready to experiment, all that remains is to choose a furniture manufacturer whose creations you will love sincerely and forever. In recent years, the fashion for exclusive furnishings for any premises began to spread “to the masses”. Many studios and furniture ateliers offer a diverse line of products at affordable or high prices, but almost always these are exquisite things that anyone with good taste and daring imagination will want to own. Things made with a soul must be appreciated! In order to facilitate your choice, we offer an overview of large furniture ateliers producing massive headsets and series of objects, as well as small studios employing 1-2-3 enthusiasts, manually creating wonders for your interior in a single copy.

Woodi furniture office

Woodi - under this name for 3 yearsthe already popular domestic furniture for apartments and offices is being produced. The manufacturers chose the Scandinavian style, and all their furniture is made exclusively from natural materials. All objects are functional, while they are characterized by simplicity of forms and brightness of details, which together give a characteristic "freshness" to each interior. At the origins of the Woodi bureau was the designer Polina Balashova, who was inspired by the spirit of Scandinavian modernism, and then infected the whole team with it. And now this team of like-minded people is working easily and naturally, creating various pieces of furniture. Polina Balashova, founder of Woodi bureau:“The lack of an acceptable analogue on the market inspired us to manufacture just such furniture. And it took about six months from the idea to its implementation ”. Woodi Furniture cannot be confused with any other Scandinavian gadgets: these are not consumer goods, not circulation items, not mass production. Woodi furniture is unique and inimitable, but always comfortable, comfortable and sweet to heart and eye. Phone: + 7 (495) 627-68-31.


Archpole furniture studio was founded in 2008.At first, its founders preferred to equip spaces and create architectural objects, and then switched to furniture design, choosing old boards and birch plywood as materials. The entire line of their products (and these are tables, chests of drawers, armchairs and even stands for phones) designers come up with in an experimental workshop. Here, all developments are embodied in real, sometimes unusual, but always very popular items. Konstantin Lagutin, one of the founders of Archpole,says that many visitors to the workshop noted the uniqueness of such a symbiosis - the birth of an idea and its implementation in one team, on one creative platform. Good ideas are not uncommon, but there is a huge distance from their emergence to implementation. And often completely different people are engaged in this. Everyone who has been involved in the development and production of interior items in the Archpole studio considers themselves to be happy people, because they have the opportunity to create, dream, create, and then again formulate tasks, look for ideas and solutions. So things are born that carry a piece of the soul of their creators, become part of family interiors, shape the appearance of apartments and houses, where it is pleasant to live and receive guests. Konstantin Lagutin, co-founder of Archpole:“Many who come to our bureau say that it is very rare to see people who invent and implement something.” In the manufacture of designer items, the most important thing is the quantity of items. The larger the circulation, the lower the cost and price. But Archpole's focus is not on quantity, but on quality. Items are produced in 10-20 pieces, and there is always a demand for them. Phone: + 7 (495) 255-28-35.


Demo-art is a design studio that wascreated specifically for the development and production of luxury furniture in the style of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, as well as in the traditional style. The brand was formed on the basis of the adage that the history of art is the history of their repeated revival. The head of the studio, Alexander Goloshchapov, says that work brings joy to all of his employees. The studio's craftsmen studied with renowned Italian furniture manufacturers and mastered rare woodworking techniques, including carving, silvering, gilding and marquetry. Alexander Goloshchapov, head of the Demo-art studio:“Our craftsmen have been trained by renowned Italian furniture makers and designers. My colleagues have mastered the art of artistic woodworking techniques. " Employees of this studio use a variety of furniture finishing technologies. Here, a unique collection of interior items for a variety of premises appeared and was introduced, and each of them is certainly subjected to special processing, as a result of which an author's front surface appears. The art of making furniture has been valued for centuries as an honorable and noble occupation, and skillful craftsmen were quite rare. It is these traditions of fathers and grandfathers that are revived by enthusiasts of this amazing creativity in the Demo-art furniture studio. They create masterpieces of beauty and style, putting their soul into every hand movement, and as a result, unique patterns appear, elements that are strict in simplicity and sophistication. The collection of wizards includes developments forliving rooms, offices, a variety of samples of coffered ceilings, furniture for libraries, bedrooms, fancy stairs, doors decorated with designer fittings. All furniture in this studio is made exclusively from an array of valuable wood species. Phones: + 7 (499) 347-14-35, + 7 (926) 716-74-68.


In 2008, designer Sergei Semenov organizeda studio called FineObjects. Without initially having a specialized education, Sergey felt an irresistible desire to produce high-quality and unusual things for the consumer that could decorate the house, and thereby create a unique interior. Sergei Semenov did not suppress his desire, and as a result, the studio under his leadership embarked on the path of product design development. After 2 years, he managed to realize a good idea: he created a center for object and interior design called "Artfarm", in which young designers could form their expositions. The next project, which consisted in the implementation of joint activities with Russian furniture factories, did not bring the expected result, so Sergei Semenov decided to create his own studio, where he could make a variety of objects from wood. Sergey Semenov believes that every designermust be able to implement his projects with his own hand. Many experts offer an idea, a shape of a piece of furniture, but they cannot calculate its "behavior" - whether it will be stable, easy to use. Sergey Semenov, founder of FineObjects studio: "We prefer wood because it is one of the most natural and living materials that people have been using for many centuries." For 6 years, the studio has seriously grown in allrelations: it has become 10 times larger geographically, acquired modern equipment, developed its own machines, attracted talented people to cooperation. FineObjects entered into an alliance with several domestic designers, and together they created the "Industrial Designers Club", as a result of which the "We Are" exhibition appeared at the Artplay Design Center. The FineObjects studio also showed a non-standard development for it - a collection of concrete furniture. Sergey Semenov believes that this is only the beginning of the formation of a new assortment of unusual things from ordinary materials - from concrete, metal and plastic. Phone: +7 (915) 049-27-41.

Field & Rage

Field & Rage is already quite populara company on the domestic furniture market, which develops and produces its own samples, embodying all ideas together with one of the factories near Moscow. Each item is made by hand, under the strict supervision of a professional technologist. Field & Rage was initially created as a relatively small production facility for the production of quality modern stylish furniture. Then there was a need for a retail segment, where it would be possible to sell not only our own products, but also beautiful, popular things for connoisseurs of good interiors. Industrial designer and creator of the furniture company Field & Rage Pavel Shelyagin draws the attention of customers to the fact that lacquer is not used in the manufacture of furniture. Instead, beeswax is used, which is odorless and helps preserve the natural texture of the tree. Another plus of the furniture of this company is the use of an exclusively wooden base, there is no chipboard here at all. Despite a slight rise in the cost of such a furniture manufacturing process, this not only does not bother the customers, but also makes them want to work more closely with experienced and intelligent craftsmen. It is not uncommon in a company to receive orders from designers and architects for the development of individual, piece items. Pavel Shelyagin, founder of Field & Rage:“We have always liked stylish furniture, and at some point we realized that we could do no worse, or even better, than what is offered on the market.” New developments in the company appeared as a result of research of Danish national traditions. The designers of Field & Rage are confident that every Scandinavian country has a unique style that is reflected in everything, and especially in the interiors. Danish motives dictate the simplicity of lines and shapes, the absence of pretentiousness, the use of natural materials. Phone: + 7 (499) 340-19-94.

Denis Milovanov's workshop

The name of Denis Milovanov has already become a cult amongcraftsmen for the manufacture of interior items. And those who at least once saw the furniture he made, immediately become his loyal fans and customers. Denis Milovanov works in a former factory in Pavlovsky Posad. His specialization is wood furniture in the style of primitivism and various gizmos that seem to have come down to us from the pages of children's fairy tales. He creates all objects from solid oak. The idea to do just such things appeared, it seems, by accident, when, walking in the park, the master saw the trunks of old sawn trees prepared by the janitors for firewood. Milovanov could not pass such wealth, he immediately agreed with the janitors about the assignment of rights to valuable raw materials and began to store it in his country house. At first, the master tried to process the oak mass with simple tools, then he learned to cut off the excess and create amazing things that were immediately enthusiastically accepted by connoisseurs of such beauty. The secrets of handling oak were gradually revealed to Denis, and at some point he came to the idea of ​​the need to boil the material in linseed oil and found a recipe for ancient Russian technology. Now his workshop is located in 2 large rooms. In one he works with his assistants, in the other there are vats of oil. All massive-looking, but very beautiful furniture that is born in this workshop is gladly acquired by people (including those from abroad) who prefer solidity in the interiors of their homes, because these works of art will serve faithfully not only to their current owners , but also to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Noticing that on oak furniture in the processcracks appear, Denis Milovanov made it a peculiar highlight of finished products. Oil, penetrating into the structure of the tree and pushing out water from there, protects it from destruction and emphasizes the external beauty, reminiscent of eternity. The master has no shortage of material. And this is despite the fact that he basically does not take freshly sawn trees into work. Foresters tell him about another fallen oak tree, after which the tree goes to the workshop. A new life awaits him, which will last for centuries thanks to the skill of a unique person - Denis Milovanov. Denis Milovanov, furniture maker: "A defect in wood has become an artistic feature of furniture made from it."> public.php_fineobjects