Lamps from bamboo with their own hands: practical advice


Making is a way to decorate a rooman original and unique accessory. For the manufacture of a lamp, the choice of materials is practically unlimited. Of course, you need to take into account the style of interior decoration, colors. But otherwise it all depends on the imagination and skill of the amateur designer. One of the most popular materials is bamboo. This bamboo luminaire is ideal for Japanese-style rooms. Unusual bamboo fixturesBamboo is quite popular todayThe material used in the decoration of rooms in the oriental style, especially exquisitely look bamboo fixtures. For the manufacture of a light fixture made of bamboo, such tools as:

  • Furniture stapler;
  • drill with a set of drills;
  • a jigsaw;
  • glue is universal;
  • soldering iron.

Here practical advice is collected on how to make lamps using natural material - bamboo.

Bamboo trunk as an element of a luminaire

Get the original bamboo lampit is possible, placing the prepared lighting mechanism in a hollow bamboo stem with cut openings. It is possible to make a lamp from beginning to end independently, only having certain knowledge and skills in building an electrical circuit in compliance with all safety rules. It is in this case that it will be necessary to use a soldering iron (for reliable connection of wires). You can make a lamp made of bamboo by placing a lighting mechanism inside the hollow stem: it can be an LED ribbon or an ordinary New Year's garland. When using a garland, the lamp can be multicolored. Of course, miracles do not happen, and light will not penetrate through the opaque bamboo trunk. It is necessary to make holes in the stalk of bamboo with their own hands. To make holes in the stem, use a drill and a jigsaw, first indicating their location, size and shape. For stability as a base, you can make a wooden stand. It's a simple way to create an original atmospheric lighting device with your own hands. A hollow stalk of bamboo can be used as a decorative element for decorating a barrel of a table lamp or floor lamp. This is the simplest way to improve the appearance of the lamp, bring the spirit of the east to it. Back to contents</a>

Chandelier, floor lamp or table lamp with bamboo shade

A special atmosphere in the room will help createa table lamp, the soft light of which breaks through the thin bamboo plates of the lampshade. From thin bamboo plates you can make a lampshade for a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp or chandelier. Whatever the shape of the lampshade, it will be necessary to fix both ends of each bamboo plate. To do this, you need to make a bamboo frame, which will later be fastened with furniture staples narrow bamboo strips. If the plates should not be straight, then they should give the desired shape before starting the assembly of the lampshade. The plates must be bent, after having moistened them well, then fixed in the desired position and left to dry completely. If the lower edge of the lampshade should have a softer shape, then the plates can be connected together by a thread. To make the product look harmonious, it is advisable to use natural, unpainted threads. After the plates are fastened, the brackets will need to be hidden under the decorative cover. This too can be a narrow bamboo strip. To fix the decorative strip suitable universal adhesive: apply it to the surfaces to be glued, tightly press them against each other, secure with clamps and leave until the adhesive fully adheres. Lampshades from bamboo let a small amount of light through the gaps between the elements of the structure. This should be taken into account when creating a sketch and making a lamp from bamboo. It can not serve as the main source of artificial lighting, rather it is used as an additional source. Creating a bamboo lamp with your own hands is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. If there is a desire to acquire an original accessory in the interior, it is worth trying to make it yourself.