Original lamps themselves: the process


Beautiful and high-quality chandeliers and lamps fora large number of people have an unbearable value and remain just a dream. But how to be to those who do not have serious capital, I want that the premises of these people, their houses or apartments, in which they live, were brightly lit by beautiful even light. For such people, perhaps, the only and correct solution to this issue may be the opportunity to build an original lamp with their own hands. Unusual fixturesUnusual fixtures attach to the interioruniqueness and uniqueness. Taking care of such a thing, the main thing is to leave all doubts behind not to be afraid of even the brightest combinations of materials that seem unimaginable and absolutely unacceptable for creating a chandelier or a table lamp. The second important principle is the rejection of incandescent lamps. This condition is very important, because the use of energy-saving or LED bulbs significantly expands the range of materials that can be used in the work, besides such lamps complete with a lampshade created by their own hands will not represent a fire-dangerous product.

Creative process: features

Original fixtures with their own hands are products that consist of:

  • cord;
  • forks;
  • cartridge;
  • LED or energy saving lamp.

These are the main parts of the design thatare necessary first of all in order that the lamp with their own hands was not just a beautiful element of decor, but also a light, that is, it fulfilled its basic function. Disco nightlight can be made from old disks. All his talent and design potential the master must invest in the process of designing and creating the lamp shade. And in order for fantasy to work, one should turn to several of the most common examples and methods by which the lamps are created with their own hands.

  • "Disco nightlight." This kind of lamp can be made from a balloon from under the water. This balloon can be beautifully wrapped in an organza of any color suitable to the interior. It is the color of the fabric that will determine the soft glow of the hue, which will radiate this night light. Inside the balloon it is necessary to arrange the light bulbs of the most ordinary LED tape. Replace the tape, you can even the most ordinary Christmas tree garland, this nightlight will look even more impressive. Quite brightly designed night light with a gentle light will be a wonderful decoration in the nursery or in any other room where such a gentle, intimate light is needed.
  • «The lamp shade». These options for the design of the lamp with their own hands are perfect for romantic natures. Such a method can be easily applied both in the design of a conventional lamp, and in the decoration of chandeliers and floor lamps. To implement the presented method, it is enough to purchase ribbons from organza of bright colors, to tighten the lamp with a cylinder from the grid, on which to impose these very ribbons. The longer the ribbons, the more splendid and more spread out your lamp will be. Such design allows you to experiment with color, creating a monochrome, two-color or motley multi-color product.
  • "High-tech luminaires." This kind of lamps will certainly be appreciated by admirers of this interior style. They can be made from old glass bottles. The process of manufacturing such an exotic element is complicated only by the fact that the bottles chosen need to somehow remove the bottom, and even make it so that the edges of the lamp do not pose a danger. To do this, you can use the most common glass cutter, but if it was not at hand, you can use the following method:
    • The bottle is tied with a cotton rope at the required level;
    • rope set on fire;
    • When the rope inflames, sharply lower the bottle into the basin with cold water;
    • because of the temperature difference, the glass cracked just in the place where the burning rope was, and this leads to the fact that the bottom breaks off.

    Now, when an unnecessary part of the so-called glass ceiling is removed, it remains only to pass through the neck a cord with a cartridge at the end and the lamp is ready with its own hands. Back to contents</a>

    Master class - a lamp in the kitchen

    To create a lamp yourself in the kitchenyou need to use a thread and an old cup. To build this kind of lamp, you must sacrifice a beautiful tea cup with an equally attractive saucer or even a whole tea service, depending on which design of the chandelier will be invented by the owners. To implement this method, you must also acquire a drill that can drill neat holes in ceramic products. In order not to spoil the cup and saucer chosen for making the lamp, it is necessary to drill several holes in the old, donated on this training ceramic plate. Having got down to business, it is necessary to discard all doubts and unrest, the lamp will certainly turn out to be original, bright and beautiful, the main thing is to do everything neatly. In the process of creation, you will need:

    • screwdriver with a drill for glass or ceramics with a diameter of 4 and 12 mm;
    • screwdriver;
    • sharp mounting knife;
    • a felt-tip pen;
    • roulette;
    • timber bar;
    • a cartridge complete with a suspension of the desired shade;
    • lamp;
    • cup and saucer made of ceramics.

    Then follow the instructions below: The scheme of installation of a lamp in a fixture.

  • A screwdriver with a drill diameter of 14 mm is drilled to the full depth in a wooden bar.
  • A felt-tip pen in the center of the saucer is marked with a dot. The saucer is installed on the bar so that the mark of the saucer and the hole of the bar coincide.
  • A 4 mm drill is drilled with a screwdriver through a hole in the saucer, after which the drill is changed and the hole is expanded with a second 12 mm drill.
  • In the same way, a hole is drilled in the cup.
  • On a cartridge without a razor, drilled elements are put on, the field of which the construction is connected by means of a wire, turning the mug into an elegant plafond for the cartridge and lamp.
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    How to connect a lamp made by yourself?

    To start, you need to turn off the light throughout the houseor a separate apartment, turning the switch in the electrical panel. For reliability, it is possible with the help of a phase regulator to make sure that there is no voltage in the mains. Next, you must connect using terminal blocks and a screwdriver. If the home master does not have sufficient experience in conducting work with electrical networks, to connect a homemade lamp you should call an electrician at home. </ ul>