How in 48 hours to make an entrance hall more spacious than it is


How to make sure that at the entrance to the house is notThere was a sense of school wardrobe? To all things found their place, and still there was an empty corner for the mirror? We collected the best ideas how quickly and inexpensively to make the entrance hall bigger and more beautiful. The hallway is a controversial and complex space. On the one hand, it is almost always dark and close room should be as comfortable as possible and perform a lot of functions, on the other - it is from the hallway that your house starts, which means it is the "face" of your interior. About the design and decoration, we'll talk another time. Today, we will completely tackle the problem of organizing space.

1. Objectives

So, we have two days to solve the problemStorage systems. Where do I start? From the main! Why do you need a vestibule? What exactly will you use it for? In fact, this is not such a simple question, it requires a serious approach and a thoughtful decision. Some people use the entrance hall solely to get their shoes on / off. Others carry a dressing room with a huge mirror right here. Still others arrange a full-sized living room. Options mass - choose your own.

2. Opportunities

Here you should walk around the hall with a tape measure and measure each wall and ledge. Where could fit a sofa, where it is better to place a housekeeper, a mirror, hangers, etc.

3. Means

The most burning question is better to solve sensibly,And especially not to count on luck. In addition to the necessary, you are surely tempted and on the decorating excesses, this should be ready: pillows, frames, fashion housekeepers, magnetic boards - something so it catches your eye.

4. The Incarnation

We proceed to the main thing. You are strongly advised not to enter the old furniture in the hallway. Here you are charged with energy, here for the first time you sigh with relief after a long working day. Therefore, old and gray are not the place - only new, beautiful, pleasant and cozy. Crossing the threshold, you must understand from the first second - you are at home.

5. The main thing

Mirror, hangers, shelf for mail, housekeeper -Without this, perhaps, can not do in any way. However, where one small shelf for the newspaper, there after a while a warehouse of gloves, phones, pens, handkerchiefs and a mass of necessary trifles from the pockets is formed. And maybe, the main thing for you is a sofa or at least a bench? Is it possible to stand standing up?

6. Take care of yourself

Find a place for your favorite umbrella, you're notLike to do unnecessary movements and for sure constantly throwing it where you have to. Put a special tray for wet shoes and forever forget about the mud in the hallway. Arrange everything in such a way as to make as few motions as possible and at the same time keep as few things as possible. Let each trifle find its rightful place - a shelf, a box, a hanger or a tray. And place all storage systems in such a way as to minimize traumatic danger to a minimum. The bulging parts should be as small as possible, we in fact quite often try to get together with someone, pushing, leaning against the walls and standing up sharply - nothing should mar your way out of the house.

7. Pay attention to the guests

First of all, this applies to freespace for several pairs of shoes and clothes. Next, take care of the convenience - a spoon for shoes, brushes, hooks for bags, a bench. Are you a sociopath? Then skip this point and focus on the more important thing - yourself. Editorial opinion: - You can hide additional storage systems in the most unexpected places, for example, right in the sofa where you sit down to change your shoes. Another option is multifunctional consoles. For example, a mirror with shelves, drawers and hooks - all the little things can be concentrated here.

8. Prepare for the change of seasons

With the coming of winter, we will need much moreplaces for both shoes and outerwear. Fall and spring are not only about orange leaves and streams, but also dirty shoes, wet umbrellas and raincoats that need to be dried before being hung in the closet. By the way, about the closet: it is better to acquire it at the maximum height, so it will not hang menacingly over you and will help to place at least part of out-of-season clothes. Editorial opinion: - Do you lack storage space for off-season clothes? You just don't know how to fold it. Search the internet for tips from professional packers, stock up on rubber bands, and enjoy the long-forgotten look of empty cabinets.

9. Movement is life

Do you go in for sports? Skiing, snowboarding, skate, skating, rollerblading - where to store all this? Only in the hallway. However, if your wardrobe does not pull out the overall inventory, do not get discouraged and just arrange storage on the wall. It is desirable slightly higher than your height.

10. Special circumstances

You are the lucky owner of the huge hall, whichJust wasteful spending only on the wardrobe? Great! Organize here a musical corner with a piano, an office or a lounger for a pet. But first, move the maximum of storage systems here, so you will free up space in the living quarters and add a sense of freedom and air - and what else can you dream about?,, snr.Su,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,