With your own hands

Master class: original furniture handles from table spoons

Find a new application of the usual things alwaysinteresting. Especially when it comes to the decor of the interior. In our master class you will see how you can use regular tablespoons. Summer is a wonderful occasion to replenish your wardrobe, make a new hairstyle and refresh the interior of the apartment. And if the implementation of the first two tasks is sure to make your wallet lose weight a little, then the execution of the third point of the summer plan will not require additional costs - provided that you roll up your sleeves and become engaged in needlework. It's better to start small. For example, replace boring furniture handles in the kitchen. To do this you will need:

  • Old silver spoons;
  • Rubber hammer;
  • drill;
  • Screws;
  • Shtikhel (not necessarily);
  • Little perseverance.

As a result, you will become a happy owner of the original kitchen decor. Perhaps someone will be sorry to useSilver spoons, but in vain. Think: Do you often use them in everyday life? Silver spoons are surprisingly impractical. They instantly heat up, so they have a hot soup or stir sugar in a cup with hot tea is very uncomfortable. Of course, silver is a noble metal, but in our time its price is low, so the cost of your new door handle will be the parity cost of quality accessories sold in the store. So is not it time to get out of the depths of the kitchen cabinet dusting there cutlery and turn them into an exclusive decor? So, take silver table spoons in an amount equal to the number of handles required for kitchen cabinets. Spoons can be either identical or different (the variety of shapes and patterns will make your new furniture fittings even more original). First make the scoop scoop flat. Silver is a very pliable material, so you can achieve the desired result with a series of hammer strokes. To avoid unnecessary scratches and damage, use a rubber mallet. Now give the stem of the cutlery the shape of the door handle (to bend the spoon, enough strength of your hands). The next stage is engraving. If you want, you can skip it, but the small signatures on your pens will give them extra charm and personality. For engraving you will need a shtihel or a regular drill - in general, an acute metallic device, with which you will scratch your message. And do not worry about calligraphy: our goal is originality. Once the handle-spoon is ready, you willOnly attach it to the cabinet door with a drill and screws. We recommend that you pre-drill the corresponding holes at the top and bottom of the spoon and only then screw it to the furniture. That's all. Thanks to one creative idea, implemented by your efforts, your kitchen set looks now updated and stylish! www.thistlewoodfarms.com