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Modern classics: Interior decoration of an apartment for a large family

How to create a refined modern interior forA large family in a confined space? Ideal apartment in the center of Moscow for a model couple with three children - in our today's article This apartment was created for a model family - spouses and three children (six months, 3 years, 12 years). Here everything is focused on family needs: a large living room, a cozy kitchen-dining room, sunny and comfortable children's. The head of the family is a co-owner of the company, which is one of the leaders of the IT market. Not far from the house is his huge office with two workrooms. But if you still need to solve some urgent issues at home and use a computer, a small work area with the necessary library is allocated for this in the living room. The registration of the apartment was undertaken by the spouse, who, of course, has an excellent taste and a sense of beauty. To equip her family hearth, she entrusted designer Victoria Kiorsak, who believes that beauty heals the world every second. Victoria Kiorsak, designer Founder of Victoria Kiorsak Interior Design and official representative of Silver Dragon Interiors in Russia. For 11 years has been creating sophisticated and refined interiors. In her portfolio - the projects of restaurants, offices, suburban residences, beauty salons and jewelry showrooms. Victoria believes that the person who comes home should be surrounded by beauty, then it is easier and more pleasant for him to live. Well, when the designer with the customer are on the same wave and understand each other with a half-word. This apartment is an urban family "residence", from where you can make cultural "outings" to the center of the capital. As the main housing the owners have a country house in the near Moscow region. Viktoria Kiorsak, designer: - As the family was big, it was necessary to fit in a very limited space four bedrooms, a large hall, three bathrooms, a full separate wardrobe in the master bedroom, a kitchen with a comfortable dining area, a living room with a workplace, and a special unit To accommodate the server rack of the "smart house". One of the main requirements of the customer were pastel colors and muted colors. All the furniture and textiles - a little worn, like antique. At the same time, the designer used a number of bright accents. So in the interior there was a painted shell, colored crystal handles on the furniture and elegant handles of niello silver on the doors. An unusual combination of wooden elements andMosaic, lacquered wood surfaces, silver silk panels - all this is great for different lighting. And creates the right atmosphere, corresponding to the mood of the owners. Functionality and comfort have become priorities inDesign of the apartment. In a limited area it was necessary to maximally effectively accommodate the rooms for each member of the family and the common areas of the hall, living room and kitchen-dining room - so that everyone had enough space. This task is assisted by a special unit for placing the "smart house" rack and convenient storage space. At the master's bedroom there is a very roomy dressing room with a large mirror, built in the door from the inside. Large storage systems in the hallway, in the nurseries - comfortable and functional cabinets. In each bathroom there is a place for storing cosmetics and other necessary household trivia. Mirror cabinets in bathrooms outside lookLike ordinary mirrors, but when they open, inside there are roomy shelves for cosmetics and other small things. In the shower rooms and near the bathroom there are convenient built-in shelves. Victoria Kiorsak, designer: - The concept of "comfort" includes the aesthetics of the place. Everything should be not only convenient, but also to please the eye. For example, when on the crystal chandeliers through the huge panoramic windows gets the sun, the whole room is flooded with thousands of sunny rabbits. The light beautifully plays on the edges of crystal and walls. Space seems to shine.


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Victoria Kiorsak, designer: - The style was chosen modern. Do not be confused with minimalism, as it often does! All the furniture is made of solid, even custom items, which were produced according to the individual drawings of the designer. I chose furniture "aged" or antique. Any interior is always "doing" the details with whichWe come into contact constantly. Therefore, it is important that they are as thoughtful as possible. For example, light switches with inserts made of silk panels or painted decorative washes. Remember how many times a day we turn on and off the light or my hands. Victoria Kiorsak, designer: "I'm pleased with the unusual solution with the panels in the dining area." To make silver silk panels in varnish frames was a bold experiment, but he absolutely justified himself. I really like the floor in the guest bathroom: the floor covering of tinted oak is wonderfully combined with the mosaic edge of Sicis.