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Interior design apartment: a beautiful apartment project in Moscow


Apartment with a bright friendly design, filled with light and everyday joy of simple human life. There is a piano, windows facing south, and cool walls

It's always sunny and fun in this apartment - pianoand the restless first-grader have it. The designer tried to preserve the general atmosphere and slightly shift the mood towards lightness and carelessness. Anna Alekseeva, interior designer: First technical education - engineer, MEPhI. After a major renovation with the demolition of all partitions in her own apartment, Anna decided to get a second profession and graduated from the Institute for the History of Culture (2006) with a degree in interior designer. After several years of practice in design studios, she went to improve her skills and received a diploma from the school-studio "Details" (2013). “Beauty helps to live! Even in difficult spaces, I try to create harmony and balance of shapes, proportions and colors. I design not only the interiors of apartments and houses, but also individual joinery and furniture for my interiors. "

This apartment was created for a family of threehuman. He is a businessman. Manages his company. She's a musician. He likes to play in the evenings on the piano. They have a beautiful daughter for 7 years. They dreamed of getting a house that had a comfortable and relaxing time after active working days.

The apartment is located in Moscow, in a house withOriginal cascade architecture. From many apartments of the last floors you can immediately go to the open terraces of a multi-level roof. In the work of the designer got just this. A wonderful gift of destiny, when the windows of the apartment overlook the three sides of the house. The layout of rooms and their functionality were distributed according to the classical principle. The front zone, private and subsidiary premises are allocated.

In the front part of the apartment there is a living room,Dining room and kitchen. In private - master bedroom, study and guest room. The utility part - a bathroom and a bathroom - is in the center of the apartment. Children decided to leave in the front area and change with the guest room in places, as it turned out to be larger in area and most of the windows of the front zone are facing south. There is more sunlight, the girl will be more comfortable to live in this room. It is also quite far from the living room, and the long-standing guests will not stop the baby from sleeping.

On the basis of this arrangement of windows wasThe general decision on style and color of all apartment is offered. The customer had a desire - to maintain a sense of spaciousness and air. Therefore, the designer stopped at a light range of blue, bluish-gray hues, colors of natural wood and bronze in the finish.

Restrained Art Deco is revealed in natural materials, plastic furniture lines and accent details of decoration.

In the decoration of the fireplace portal the designer usedNatural marble. It is repeated on the table top and hood in the kitchen, and also echoes the beautiful panel from the Mondrian collection designed by Jana Svetlova, which is located on the far wall of the living room.

Next to the panel stands an office grand piano, on whichIn the evenings the owner of the apartment plays and her daughter learns music. The TV is essentially absent in the living room, so as not to distract the members of the family and guests from communication. When someone has a desire to join the masterpieces of the world cinema, you can meet this need in a room combining the functions of the guest and the cinema, where there is a huge comfortable sofa and a large TV screen.

The nursery, as well as the living room, isLight blue tones, to bring more comfort and relaxation to the active life of a small energetic non-observance. And yet this shade adds a little coolness to the room, whose windows face south.

In the master bedroom to the greatest extentPastel, light, warm colors are used - the room is deployed to the north. There are separate entrances to the master bathroom and a heated loggia where you can retire from everyone and spend time in pleasant personal conversations.