The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to apply bright colors in the interior: we understand the example of kopecks in Brazil

This trendy and fantastic interior is notWill leave you indifferent for various reasons. He captures with his juicy color, unusual layout and unusual tenants This 90-meter apartment is in Brazil. The project was designed by designer Brunete Fraccaroli and her architectural studio Brunete Fraccaroli. Brunete Fraccaroli, designer Liked to use in interior design bright and juicy colors, glass, plastic, metal. Inspired by works of modern art and travel. It decorates houses in Milan, New York, New Orleans, Miami and in the native Brazil. At first, there is a feeling that in this modern apartment there lives a club party-bartender. It seems that he likes to prepare hot cocktails at home and treat them to friends. There is a special bar area with a lot of bottles, an ultramodern bar and bright chairs. The apartments differ in bright colors, ideal proportions, a harmonious combination of light and space. It is divided into functional areas without doors. In the finish there is a varnished wood, colored glass, mirrors, textured textiles. But what a surprise! In fact, this apartment is a married couple. They have grown-up children and grandchildren who live separately. It seems that the owners of the apartment spent their youth in the turbulent 60's. Hence the desire for juicy paints and modern materials. While the fashionable style of hi-tech was born, which is abundant here. Judging by the bright colors in the interior, this couple is leadingactive lifestyle. They do not mind cooking a popular Brazilian cocktail, "hang out" with friends at the club or invite them home. Especially for the reception of guests there is a large sofa area with an original coffee table. Mirror surfaces create an incredible effect. The table seems to dissolve in space. In the bedroom thanks to the transparentTable lamps and a well-chosen color scheme creates a feeling of airiness. Despite the bright wall, there is a calm atmosphere, which has a rest. Visual harmony was achieved thanks to a winning color combination of white, gray and blue colors. Our opinion: - The original approach to the design of space did not deprive the interior of efficiency and elegance. Apparently, the couple love not only to have a rest, but also to work. The interior provides a working area, where everything is clear and specific.

On a note!

1. Neon yellow transparent stand for TV divides the space, is a bright element in the interior and makes it possible to watch TV from different sides. If necessary, the panel easily rotates in the desired direction. If you are not an adherent of bright colors and bold experiments, you can try more tranquil options. 2. Pay attention to the mirror wall, which is the continuation of the neon yellow partition. This technique allows you to optically model space, push boundaries. When the interior is supplemented with mirrored furniture, there is a feeling of airiness and light in the room. 3. The color in this project plays a very important role. Since the apartment is in a hot climate, cold tones are dominant in the room. In addition, such combinations visually make more space. Yellow color has a positive effect on vision and perfectly stimulates the nervous system. It is considered not too tiring. But the lemon color should be added dosed, as they did in this project, using the appropriate chairs. This color is very concentrated and can dominate the overall scale. Green color brings to the interior natural naturalness and freshness. It's summer, relaxing. And in combination with yellow it becomes more active. For organic combination in the room it is better to add it from below. That's why they picked up green chairs against the backdrop of a yellow partition. So the interior looks harmonious and dynamic. A little black color, which was used in furniture and other elements, was added to partly balance the temperament of the couple. Black brings a touch of practicality and status. Our opinion: - Who said that ultra-modern interior is preferred only by energetic youth? This example shows that the older generation is not going to just give up positions.