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How to create a harmonious cuisine with a Chinese spirit: a real example from Moscow


Many designers today use the principlesChinese home furnishings in their interiors to bring harmony and peace to the home. What Chinese methods should be adopted for the kitchen, we will tell in this article Designer Eva Shebarskaya, within the framework of the TV project "Made with taste" on TNT, faced the task of remaking an old uncomfortable kitchen that had not been renovated for 13 years. The owners are a young, bright, active family with an 11-year-old daughter. However, the interior of the kitchen got stuck in the distant 2000s. The problems of the kitchen are obvious: the insufficient number of outlets, the old set of bright yellow color, the wallpaper faded from time to time, the absence of curtains on the large windows, the work surface is too small and uncomfortable, and there is not enough space for placing household appliances. Having met the heroes, Eva Shebarskaya firmly decided to create an eclectic interior with elements of Chinese methods in the 13-meter kitchen. Eva Shebarskaya, interior designer Graduate of the Academic School of Design and the "Details" school. He is fond of eco-design, decor and studies old architecture.


First of all, the designer changed the layout andbrought the island with the hob to the center of the kitchen. Firstly, it created a regular working triangle, and secondly, it allowed the hostess to cook in front of the window, and not resting her gaze on the wall. Finally, I organized the stove and sink on different surfaces. By the way, the kitchen island, designed according to the designer's sketches, mirrors the shape of the kitchen bay window. Continuing the island, Eva set up a table and a cozy garden bench next to it. It is convenient to relax here with the whole family.

Style and color

The style of the interior is eclectic.Here the designer combines stucco molding on the ceiling with art-lamps on cords, classic balusters, furniture in a modern style, as well as original author's finishing materials. The color scheme is very interesting: the calm main shade of the walls combined with green colors, symbolizing youth, life and beauty.

Furniture and decor

The designer chose the kitchen set so thatto combine masculine and feminine principles in the interior of the kitchen. So, glossy white facades are combined with dark textured wooden inserts. A mirror in the kitchen is provided on purpose. In its reflection, the image from the TV screen will be visible when a person sits with his back to him. The main decorative elements of the kitchen are a wooden wall panel and a kitchen apron, painted dark green. The main decorative interior of the kitchen is woodensquares on the wall, hand-decorated with round mirrors. This brings an Asian theme to the interior. The kitchen apron, supporting this idea, is made of a rubber floor mat and covered with tempered glass. These round details, as conceived by the designer, symbolize endless energy. Textiles add warmth and comfort to the kitchen in restrained colors. On the bench there is a bright mattress and knitted pillows, and on the windows there is a mint-colored Chinese curtain. The designer decorated the door to the kitchen with a special fresco for painting, on which you can paint and then easily wash it with a regular damp sponge. So the interior of the kitchen will never get tired of its owners! As a result, this space, uniting the preferences of each member of the young family, has become a harmonious space for rest, cooking and cheerful feasts!

Tips for creating a functional kitchen from Eva Shebarskaya:

  • To make the space visually higher, use vertical lines and designs in the interior, for example a narrow full wall mirror or high racks.
  • Use in the interior of complex colors withadding shades of gray. This will give the room a depth and naturalness. And to make the interior visually more interesting, add an accessory with a cool color to the room with warm colors.
  • If the walls in your interior are of a complex shade, then with the help of warm and cold light you can create a completely different atmosphere. Under different lighting shades of decoration will differ.
  • Materials used:

    • kitchen set - Leroy Merlin,
    • floor - Fine Floor Rus,
    • plinths, moldings, rosette on the ceiling - Europlast,
    • a fresco under a list - Renaissance Fresco,
    • a glass apron, a mirror - the "Moscow Mirror Factory"
    • curtains - design bureau "Visson",
    • table - "A.R. Iipex. "