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How to equip a kitchen in a marine style: a real example from Moscow


Marine style in the interior creates a moodvacations and summer all year round. About the basic principles and rules for decorating such an interior - in our article, based on a real example from Moscow. Many of us all year live with the dream of a summer vacation, the sea and the sun. How to make this dream come true and create a summer mood in your interior all year round, we will learn from the interior designer, participant of the TV project "Made with taste" on TNT Anton Pecheny. Anton Pechenyi, interior designer Designer, head of his own interior design studio. Anton's team includes 7 professionals, and his portfolio includes more than 170 completed projects of apartments and country houses. A regular participant in the TV project "Made with taste" on TNT. As part of the Tasteful TV project, the designer got an old and uncomfortable kitchen for rework. Its owners are a young couple, and such an old interior was completely unsuitable for the guys. The problems of the kitchen are obvious: an uncomfortable and scattered work surface, little lighting, a lot of rubbish and unnecessary things, an ergonomic table layout and a cluttered window. The large 11-meter kitchen looked tiny. As a concept, Anton Pechenyi chose a marinestyle. It remains only to combine it with a functional layout and fill the kitchen with comfortable furniture. See what we got. Anton Pechenyi, "Made with taste" designer: - The idea of ​​the project is to recreate the atmosphere of a city beach of the 60s in the kitchen. Imagine relaxing in striped swimwear on a golden sandy beach. Now look at the kitchen. It seems? First of all, the designer changed the geometry of the kitchen to create the largest and most comfortable work surface. For this, one corner was covered with plasterboard. A stove and a hood were placed in this niche. In the former storage room, Anton Pecheny made a mini-laundry by placing a washing machine in it. And the things from the pantry were moved to an open built-in rack by the window, covered with a curtain. To create a kitchen in a nautical style, selectedmatching finishing colors: white matt ceiling, deep blue walls and bright kitchen facades in the color of the sea sunset. The kitchen apron is a kind of vest made of tempered glass. Stylish and very nautical! The designer has decorated one of the walls with wooden panels - the same as on the floor, but a tone warmer. This added coziness to the interior. The designer paid special attention to the place by the window. The window sill has acquired the function of a sofa. For this purpose, a special frame with a stone countertop, a soft mattress and cushions was installed. And on the window itself there are curtains that look like a sail. In order not to hide the space of the kitchen, the table wasglass is selected. To him - comfortable modern blue chairs. Particular attention is paid to details: a duralumin lamp imitating a lighthouse, a twisted rope on the wall, a porthole mirror, a wooden storage chest, photographs with a marine theme. All this creates the feeling of being in a ship's cabin in the kitchen. A few tips from the designer Anton Pechenogo for creating a comfortable interior of your kitchen:

  • Pay attention to the built-in technology. Its advantages are obvious: it fits snugly against the headset and dirt and crumbs will not be collected in the slots.
  • In advance, think through all the equipment that will be located in your kitchen. A socket will be needed for each device. There must be at least six of them above the countertop.
  • To the kitchen was convenient both to cook andRest, think over several scenarios of lighting: above the work surface, over the reception area and in the recreation area - for reading books or a romantic dinner.
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