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How to effectively maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom


The bathroom is a place for relaxation andhygienic procedures. And how to keep cleanliness in the bathroom itself, where humidity and temperature contribute to the rapid reproduction of microbes? We will give some tips that will help to easily keep the bathroom clean

Limescale, mold and mildew are whatalways accompanied by a humid and warm bathroom climate. Cleaning with powders, emulsions and various foaming agents gives a result, however, with the competent and thoughtful use of all the resources of the bathroom, you can spend much less time and effort in maintaining order. The first thing to think about is organizing the storage of all the necessary things. Order is the key to cleanliness

Go to the bathroom and see what things arelie around you and what you have not used for a long time. Maybe you absolutely do not need those five types of shampoos for different types of hair that stand in the corner of the shower or bathtub? For daily use, you can leave one or two bottles close at hand, and hide the rest in the locker and take them when they are needed.

The same applies to the corner shelves that weso we like to load with various sponges, shower gels, lotions, balms, shampoos and other attributes. Given the close location of the mixer and shower heads, the porous pumice or sponge will become a breeding ground for various microbes, so these items should be kept in the corner of the bathtub where they can dry out. Down with the old and unnecessary

Throw away empty jars of creams, remediespersonal hygiene and other things that you use every day. Do not forget to do this every time, and you will notice that the bathroom has become much cleaner.

Try to free as many surfaces as possible - this will allow you to quickly wipe the spray. This is especially true if you have small children in your home. Fighting mold and microbes

To understand how to avoid the appearance of mold, forFirst you need to know that the ideal environment for her is wet and warm. In every house and apartment there are ventilation systems, but they can not cope with a large amount of wet steam. Then you can install in the exhaust vent the fan assembly, which can be switched on with light or separately. He will take the steam out of the room, but that does not always help, especially if the bathroom is small.

The best option is to simply ventilate the room by opening the door after water procedures. Toilet bowl cleanness Toilet bowl cleanliness - as outside,and inside, under the rim - extremely important, especially for combined bathrooms. Toilet hygiene problems were solved in a simple and technological way. For example, Guvstavsberg's wall-mounted rimless toilets prevent germs from growing on the surface - they just don't have the right space for that. And the efficient drainage system covers the entire area of ​​the bowl, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, the laconic forms and the installation system will greatly simplify the cleaning of the toilet bowl and the space under it. Rugs Discard cloth rugs on the floorbathroom, because they are a collection of dust, dirt and moisture. It is better to use rugs on a rubber base - they do not slip and do not absorb moisture. However, it will be necessary to periodically rinse them with a cleaning agent. If you want a variant more original than rubber, there are rugs made of wood and even large pebbles. The best option is to lay a towel for your feet after water procedures, which will then immediately go to the wash. Drying clothes and towels Wet clothes and clothes are betterdo not dry in the bathroom - this creates excess humidity in the room, and it is also inconvenient in small spaces of bathrooms. Use a heated towel rail to dry your towels daily. Pipe leaks Check all valves, pipes, andalso faucets that supply water to the bathroom. They should not leak, as this will inevitably lead to the growth of mold in dark spaces reserved for communications. And on faucets, hard water leaves limescale in places of leaks. These tips - not a panacea, you still need to bedo a general cleaning in the bathroom, as in the whole apartment. However, such simple methods will help to keep order in the bathroom after a thorough cleaning for a longer period.