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How to properly serve a table for a holiday -

An integral part of any celebration is a delicious mealand drinks. But it's right to file them - a whole art. For those who want to understand the basics of dining etiquette and do not hit the dirt in front of the guests, 10 simple steps to the perfect festive serving We all like holidays, but more often as guests. But the hosts of the celebrations, none of which can not do without a feast, have to sweat: you need not only to cook delicious dishes and pick up drinks, but also properly submit them. Especially table etiquette is not less strict and confused than the famous Oriental tea ceremony. Today we share with you 10 tips, following which you can easily serve any festive table. And we can only wish a pleasant appetite! Decide on the status of the celebration Holidaysare different: Valentine's Day together with a loved one, New Year with loved ones, a birthday in a large company, a magnificent wedding, to which all relatives are invited. The number of guests, their status, the scale of the celebration and the occasion directly affect the table setting, from the choice of service and decor to the arrangement of appliances. There are no special rules and strict restrictions for informal and intimate celebrations, but serving for official banquet-type celebrations is strictly regulated. And with the time of day Yes, yes, the time of day is at leastimportant than the number of guests and the degree of formality of the holiday! The setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner is different, and the dishes will be different: for example, for a morning meal, you will need a deep plate for porridge and a couple of tea, but a fish fork and wine glasses, which are indispensable for an evening table, are unlikely to come in handy. Lay a tablecloth Serving any tablebegins with the tablecloth, and it also sets the general stylistic tone. Linen or lace, plain or with a bright print - choose the one that you like and that will meet the theme and status of the holiday. The main thing is not to forget to wash and iron it before serving, and also to make sure that it is not damaged in any way. Also, a traditional tablecloth can be supplemented (and in some cases replaced) with the now popular runner, woven napkins and bed covers. Arrange the plates Plates for the main course andsnacks or soup are placed one on top of the other, the largest is located at the bottom. The number of plates depends on the specifics of the menu, but, as a rule, only two are displayed at a time, since a change of dishes is expected. Place the plates at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge of the table. Arrange cutlery After platesplaced, we proceed to the most difficult thing - serving the devices. The variety of forks, forks, knives and knives can scare and confuse anyone, but just remember a few simple rules:

  • knives are placed on the right side of the blade to the plate, forks - on the left with denticles upward;
  • The spoon is placed on the right and, if served with spaghetti, replaces the knife;
  • dessert spoon and fork are placed behind the plate;
  • for a formal feast with a large number of dishes laid out at once two pairs of knives and forks;
  • if the menu has fish dishes, it is desirable to add a special fork for fish.

Take care of glasses The next item is glasses,glasses, wine glasses and other drinking utensils. The standard daytime or evening festive serving includes a glass for water and glasses for red and white wine, but the set of dishes depends primarily on what kind of drinks will be served. Glasses are located to the right and just above the plates. Sometimes a glass for water is placed on the left, and for wine - on the right. If there are more than three containers for drinks, they are displayed in two rows. Add everything you need Depending on the menuyou may need on the table: a pie plate, a butter knife, a dish for bones, a container of water, if you are supposed to eat dishes with your hands (barbecue, pizza, some seafood), a tureen for a ceremonial home serving, a gravy boat, etc. But don't overdo it In trying everythingto provide for and follow the rules of etiquette, there is a risk of adding completely unnecessary items to the table that will only take up space or, even worse, embarrass guests. The principle is simple: if you do not plan to serve two types of wine, you do not need to put two wine glasses, if there are no fish dishes on the menu, you do not need to put a fish fork. Take care of the guests If for your holidaya large number of guests are invited, you need not only to plan their seating in advance, but also make sure that everyone finds their place immediately and without problems. It all depends on your imagination and budget: you can get by with beautifully designed and personally printed cards, or you can order personalized dishes especially for the celebration. Consider the season After servingfinished, it's time for the decor, which we recommend making it seasonal: it always looks cool, and you can endlessly draw inspiration from nature. Choose colors that suit the season and add the appropriate elements: in the fall, for example, cones or nuts, and in the winter, spruce branches. For more information on how to decorate a festive table, and, read our articles. Some more examples of serving for inspiration: