How to zonize dark apartments: an example from Moscow

What if the apartment is a gift forA young girl, and her parents are very fond of the classic interior? How to combine classics and eccentricity, we will tell on the example of this Moscow project Customers of the apartment project on Novy Arbat in Moscow created it as a gift for their daughter. The parents themselves prefer a strict classics, but for a young girl it was decided to make a freer and more extraordinary space. In addition, the apartment was quite dark due to the small number of windows, so another important task was to solve the problem of lack of sunlight. This project was entrusted to designers Anton and Marina Fruktov, because they are always logically and competently working in an eclectic style, mixing architectural styles in projects. In addition, the founders of the studio "Design in the cube" customers have not worked for the first time. Marina and Anton Fruktov Graduates of MGHPU them. SG Stroganova, the founders of the "Design in the Cube" studio, the permanent participants of the TV projects "The Apartment Question" and the "Summer Response", the authors of many publications in the interior media - Salon-interior, Interior + Design, Architectural digest ; Laureates of design competitions.

Design concept

Eclectic interior of this project isIn a combination of classical architectural forms, bold color solutions and gentle shades. The fact that the future owner of the apartment did not know about the project is interesting, and all decisions were made by her parents, who completely trusted the taste and experience of the "Design in Cube" studio team. Due to the fact that the windows in the apartment are only in the end parts and there is a lack of light, the designers suggested using an abundance of white in the interior.

Planning solutions

Architects offered to share spaceApartments for two zones - private and public. The larger of them housed a living and dining room, in a smaller - a bedroom, study and master bathroom. This zoning is caused not only by the functional convenience of the location of the rooms, but also by the low illumination of the apartment, where the windows are located only in the end walls. As a result, the darkest room in the center of the apartment was given under the dressing room.

Finishing and decoration

Laconism of the color scheme of the interior wasIs caused by the need to facilitate and expand a fairly dark space. Private zones - bedroom and study - are made in a soft golden-olive range. The original light effect is attached to the shadows cast by the chandeliers of Simga Elle Due. Cabinet from the bedroom separates a semi-transparent glass partition with the effect of moire. The wall of the master bathroom is finished with a tile with a mirror pattern. An interesting decorative solution of the bathroom was the bulk partition Naxos. Anton and Marina Fruktovy, designers: - Accessories like Corinthian columns, architectural prints on textiles and original stained glass bring to the interior an atmosphere of refinement, characteristic of classical interiors. As a result, this project, created in black and white shades and filled with blazing and luminous details, does not at all seem oversaturated. The conciseness of color solutions and thoughtful layouts made it possible to create a harmonious and fashionable interior for a young girl.