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Parquet and laminate: which is better? Expert Opinion on the floor covering

Parquet, laminate, massive board ... often heardThese names, but do not know what is what and what coverage is better? We decided to understand this and asked the expert to put everything in order. The choice of floor covering is always a responsible mission. For your interior you choose the floor not for a month, and not for a year, but you want it to serve you long. Parquet, laminate, massive and parquet board - what to choose? With this question we turned to the expert - designer Alexei Ilyin, who told us what are the differences between all these types of materials and what properties they possess, and also gave us some practical advice. Алексей Ильин, дизайнер интерьера Full-time AlumnusMoscow State Art and Industry Academy named after S. G. Stroganov (MGHPA named after Stroganov), a member of the Moscow Union of Designers and the International Public Association "Union of Designers" (IDASS). Today, the design bureau "Maximus" is in charge.

1. Make a choice in favor of quality

There are several types of flooring,Creating an image of a wooden floor, a pleasant and long-beloved. They differ in quality, service life, in appearance, in price and so on. Parquet is deservedly considered the best floor covering for many centuries. And there are reasons for this:

  • His amazing aesthetic qualities, givingAlmost unlimited versions of drawings and ornaments in combination with a huge wealth of texture and color. Parquet coverings in historical and new palaces, manors around the world confirm this.
  • Its ecological compatibility, more precisely, natural origin and complete naturalness.
  • Durability and durability, provided proper preparation, laying of coating and operation.
  • Parquet can not only be varnished, but alsoWaxing with special wax, giving a unique beauty to the texture and authenticity to the coating itself. Lacquered parquet, like waxed, can be polished, and the thicker the parquet, the more often. So he returns to the former beautiful view with the subsequent application of a new coating. Our opinion: - When choosing a parquet, you need to take into account the moisture level and temperature, which is constantly kept indoors. If you can not control these indicators for a year and want to insure yourself against cracks in the floor, use modules up to a width of 11 centimeters.

    2. Remember about aesthetics

    If you do not have the means to buyParquet, the alternative is a massive board that will create an interesting aesthetic effect in the interior. The covering in the form of a board looks more modest than a parquet, although in the modern interior its use is not only justified, but also has undoubted stylistic merits. In addition, an aged massive board can mimic an old authentic floor covering, giving an original charm to the interior. Advantages of the coating from a massive board is the durability, exceeding, often, firmness of a parquet, elegance and style of absolutely natural covering. In addition, there is the possibility of repeated polishing, if this is allowed by the conditions of the decorative finish of the board. Speaking about the strength, toughness and wear resistance of a piece-set parquet and a massive board, it should be remembered that they can be made of different types of wood and differ in the way the saw is cut. This gives them differences in appearance and technical and operational properties.

    3. If you need simple solutions, choose a parquet board

    Parquet board - glued three-layer coating,More accessible than parquet and a massive board. Quite persistent, but inferior in quality to its predecessors. It is easier to lay than parquet, which simulates. Can even be ground 1-2 times. Laying is possible only "deck" (in one direction, parallel laying). Mounted parquet board on the glue or without it. And the glueless way is more reliable in operation. Another plus is the simplest and most economical floor covering. Our opinion: - If you are selecting material for a large room, then pay attention to the wide boards. In a small room, they will look inappropriate, visually cutting square meters. For a small room, it is better to look for classic piece parquet, a three-strip parquet board or narrow boards.

    4. Pay attention to the density of the laminate even when buying

    Laminate simulates a parquet board. This coating is made of many layers. On top of the laminate has a decorative layer of valuable or decorative wood. The top layer is made of paper by a special pressing method with corundum, which provides high strength characteristics. Laminate is very simple in laying, but as well as parquet board is performed only by "deck" stowage. At a low cost laminate is quite strong, of course, with due regard for proper operation. Active dances of girls on the "hairpin" can leave an indelible mark not only in your memory ... The falling of a heavy object can also not pass without a trace and you will not be able to polish it again. However, it is the availability of this coating and the ease of laying that makes it extremely popular. There is another great plus for laminate: it's easy enough to erase the traces of watercolors, gouache and plasticine, parents of young children can not help but feel happy about it. When selecting a laminate, you can choose an article of such an operational class that matches the strength characteristics you have. The stronger the laminate, the higher its durability, the greater the cost of the acquisition. Maxim Artamonov, architect: - Proceeding from my own lamentable experience, I will say: never use laminate in a home interior. He is stiff, cold, clinks, dusts, and it's unpleasant to touch him. You can find a cheap parquet board for the average laminate price, and it will be much better. Yes, she will be scratched faster - so what? And if you just need an artificial coating - choose a vinyl tile or canvas, it is elastic, warm, quiet, not afraid of water (if there are no joints). Laminate leave for the office, it was for this and was coined.

    5. Observe the general style concept

    It should be borne in mind that the application of this orOther coverage should be dictated by the condition of compliance with the overall design project in terms of composite-plastic and coloristic interior solutions. The main thing in applying a floor covering is not its performance characteristics, which you define together with the designer, but its aesthetic conformity to the overall interior design.