Project office for the Cinelab Cinema Laboratory


Office is a place that reflects the spirit and characterCompany. In the modern business community, there has long been a tendency to create interiors of working spaces illustrating the company's activities. So the project office of the Cinelab Cinema Laboratory speaks for itself

Graduate of the Modern School of Designdesigned a modern and functional office space for a leader in filmmaking. This room is designed to create an atmosphere suitable for fruitful work. Irina Rosina, graduate of the Modern School of Design Born in Moscow, graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, the Modern School of Design (specializing in interior designer).

The office area is 153 square meters,Which is not very much. Given this, the rate was made for the most open and dynamic space, which will have as few isolated premises as possible.

In the interior design it was required to combineThe functionality of the workspace and the nature of the company's activities. The whole concept is realized with the help of the theme of cinema, and the basis of the plastic component of the office is film.

According to the terms of reference, the premises shouldBe organized as open space and divided into various functional areas: a meeting room, a working area, a cinema room for presentations and a waiting area.

In the center of the room is a roundA translucent room of darkened glass, which became a place for presentations. A small depression on the back of the premises allowed the reception area to be decorated.

The color scheme of the interior of the office is inspired by black and white cinema, and the contrast of these colors is diluted with accent blue and shades of furniture and flooring from natural wood.

Most office space during the dayDays is illuminated by natural means. However, in the evening for comfortable work the space requires competent artificial lighting. To do this, many point lights are installed in the office, and around the glass area for presentations, real lighting fixtures from the set are hanging.