Office design: a real example of a multifunctional office

How to make quality and inexpensive repairs inThe office, which would suit the taste and leadership, and employees? How to make the workspace as functional as possible? We will show on an example of office Savills Area of ​​office Savills - 277 square meters. On this square, customers wanted to see a comfortable, bright, free space with a home atmosphere, so that employees happily come to work.

The customer immediately clarified that the VIP room is a room for negotiations with status customers, therefore the concept should be appropriate.

Since the office is rented, an important taskBecame a reasonable use of the budget. Olesya Zlobina and Irina Yezhova, interior designers Olesya and Irina met at the British Higher School of Design, where they both studied. The joint development and protection of the thesis work was spurred by a common love for geometry and functional interiors. Irina Ezhova - Olesya Zlobina - Design

Office is designed in light colors with bright color accents. In the interior there are two patterns:

  • On the floor covering - reminiscent of the game "Tetris";
  • A corporate ornament of the European office with suppressing strips, which was proposed by the customer.

Irina Ezhova:

- The juicy yellow color of the furniture gives the interior a cheerfulness, the wood in the kitchen area and the VIP room adds comfort, and the geometric pattern enlivens the space.

To make the office lighter and more spacious, the ceilings in theLounge-zone and at the reception we raised to the original size. Between the lounge zone and the meeting room, one curtain wall was demolished and replaced with a sliding glass partition, thus obtaining a large space for rest, which can be transformed into a negotiation room.

To revitalize the space and give the officeHome atmosphere, to the technical added accent lighting. In each room, several light scenarios are made, which allows you to include the right amount of fixtures. Considering the fact that there is a lot of lighting in the office, this solution allows you to optimize electricity costs. Reception

The premise for the reception was originally narrow and elongated, but it was possible to place a reception and waiting area. The entrance doorway was expanded and large glass doors were installed. Olesya Zlobina:

Desk-reception - a specially designed productFor the company: the height of the countertop at the level of a standard office table, which is not typical for the reception. However, this idea allows to avoid the barrier in communication and speaks of the company as open and ready to help both the client and the employee. For the convenience of visitors a high part is provided, which allows you to quickly sign documents.

In the waiting area for visitors usedComfortable armchairs to order from the company "Restoranie", a table-drop from WOODI, a reception desk and a rack - made to order from the company "Maestro", glass doors from the company "Amelia". Department of Real Estate Search

The room underwent minimal changes: Painting walls, loft parquet. To accommodate 26 workplaces and one manager seat, the optimal option was chosen - open-space. Proceeding from the fact that the nature of the work was mainly traveling, there was no need for large tables. Computer, office and phone perfectly fit on tables one meter wide. For all other things employees in the office provided lockers.

Lokers, developed individually for the customer, are not only a great place to store personal things of employees, but they continue the theme of Tetris, filling the interior with bright accents. Negotiable-TransformerDepending on the purpose of use, can be transformed. Glass folding partition from the company "Amelia" has the property of noise insulation due to silicone gaskets between the joints. For private conversation, it comfortably accommodates up to eight people, and if it is necessary to conduct a training, where more than 25 people gathered, then this area can easily be increased with the help of simple manipulations. The width of the glass linen is 90 centimeters, and in the folded state the whole construction takes 15 centimeters. The chairs from IKEA and the desk from the Fresh Office are foldable. When folded, they do not take up much space and are stored right in the closet. VIP meeting room

Vip-negotiation implies communication withRespectable customers, so the interior of the room is restrained, a bit strict, with dark wooden furniture. Nevertheless, the connection with the general concept of the office can be traced in the geometry of the lamp and the lines of the author's drawing on the wall.

The room has a hidden wardrobe for customers' clothes, built into the niche.

  • Chest and worktop to order - TheIdea;
  • Lamp - Modo Chandelier;
  • Chairs - Deep House;
  • Carpeting - Associated Weavers;
  • Built-in wardrobe - Exclusive wood.

Lounge zone and kitchen Sometimes business meeting or negotiations are informal with a cup of coffee and easy communication, so the combination of the lounge area with the kitchen was an excellent solution.

Before the redevelopment, the lounge area and kitchen wereSeparate rooms with low ceilings. After the functional assignment of the premises was determined, the height of the ceilings was corrected. In the lounge area, the ceilings were raised to the maximum height, and in the kitchen remained as they were, since under the ceiling there is an operating ventilation system, its customer decided to save. Due to the different height of the ceilings it was possible to zonate the space of the kitchen and the lounge zones.

  • Kitchen furniture - IKEA;
  • Chairs - DEEP HOUSE, Enjoy me;
  • Tables - WOODI.

Sanitary unit Technically, two bathrooms have been completely renovated, while the tiles have been partially replaced (on one of the four walls in each room) for economy reasons.

  • Furniture - IKEA;
  • Tiles - Bernina
  • Lamp - Desondo.