Interesting facts about water - how to drink and where to swim


Today, the whole world celebrates the Day of Water andWater resources. How much is the most expensive water and where to look for the cleanest? How much should you drink per day and how many days you can not drink? And what is the percentage of leaks in the pipes? We collected the most interesting facts that not everyone knows about. World day of water was established more than 20 years ago by the United Nations, and since then every year on March 22 public organizations, large corporations and famous figures around the world remember the importance and value of water resources. Various social actions and events aimed at drawing attention to the problem of clean drinking water, which is not yet available to all the inhabitants of the world, are timed to this event. To also remind you of the value of this vital resource, we offer a list of the most interesting facts, some of which can shock you.

  • According to various estimates, up to 800 million people on the planet do not have access to clean water.
  • The average water temperature in the world's oceans is 17.4 degrees.
  • In order to find the cleanest fresh water on the planet, it is worth to go to Finland.
  • The planet Earth is covered with water for 4/5, but only 1% is suitable for drinking. Another two percent of fresh water can be found in glaciers.
  • If all these glaciers are melted, then the water level rises to 60-70 meters. We will miss Venice, Stockholm and Amsterdam ...
  • Hot water freezes faster than cold. That is, if you pour into the same cups the same amount of different water temperature, then the hot will turn into ice sooner.
  • Ice in different parts of the world has different temperatures. The difference between, for example, the ice of the Alps and the South Pole is at least fifty degrees.

  • Some lizards move their paws so fast that they can move along the water surface. The same can do waterers and the guy from the cartoon "The Incredibles."
  • At one time an interesting experiment was conducted. Two identical containers were filled with the same water. For one, classical music was included, and for the other, heavy rock'n'roll. Guess, the crystals of water from what capacity have become beautiful and smooth?
  • The difference between the reflection of light from water and snowIs huge. That's why the nights in the winter seem lighter than in the summer, and it's not even in street lamps. Mathematically speaking, light is reflected 17 times more from snow than from water.
  • If you lose ten percent of the fluid from body weight, a person will have hallucinations, and his interior will play with new colors. Another minus the same percentage - the result will be very sad.
  • At the same time without water, do not live a week!
  • Abundant drink heals from viral infections and just during illness. And it also helps to cope with hiccoughs.
  • Using six glasses of water a day significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack. Yes, and from excess weight saves!
  • Over a lifetime a person drinks about 35 tons of liquid.

  • Water calms, so you should immediately offer a glass to someone who suddenly became nervous. And this we do not talk about all sorts of spa treatments that help to relax and improve as much as possible.
  • If at work you feel tired, justHave a drink of water. The brain is the first to experience a decrease in the amount of moisture in the body, and therefore signals a thirst with it. Some misinterpret this and go for coffee, but sometimes you can limit yourself and a few sips of water.
  • Of course, we can drink from the tap, because water satisfies certain sanitary norms. But it is not necessary. It is best to install a cleaning system, with which it will be much easier and calmer.
  • The most expensive water costs 90 dollars per liter. It can be found in Los Angeles.
  • Russian tariffs for water are much lowerEuropean. The cost of a cubic meter of water is about 30 rubles. In Barcelona, ​​the price is 1 euro, in Paris - from 3 to 5 euros, in Berlin - 3.5 euros, and in Brussels - 4 euros. But there are no summer outages ...
  • According to the latest polls, only in Europe, because of leaks in pipes, 37 percent of households suffer. The real figure is more than 50%!
  • Water can cause significant damage to the house. Causes of mass: pipe rupture due to corrosion, breakdown of washing machine or dishwasher. Such accidents require immediate repairs, the cost of which is only partially covered by insurance. In Europe, in addition to what reimburse insurance companies, will have to pay an average of 900 euros (in Denmark, so in general 2,100).

The amount of water that we lose due to problemsassociated with pipes is so great that many companies are developing special devices for the rational use of water resources. In March 2017, the Grohe brand introduced two revolutionary water control devices at once. This is an intelligent sensor for changes in humidity in the room and a whole security system that is connected to the pipe. They are capable of detecting leaks, monitoring the flow of water and alerting homeowners in the event of a problem. One device is placed on the floor (for example, near a washing machine), while the other is installed directly into the central water supply pipe. And if at least somewhere the water pressure drops, and the pipe bursts or the hose suddenly bursts, from which the bathroom can be flooded up to the knee, the sensor instantly fixes this and sends a signal to the mobile phone. The device can turn off the water supply by itself, but you will find out about this even when you are on a business trip abroad, because all information about costs and problems will be displayed in the application.