Small kitchen: compact solutions for dining area


In your little kitchen it is impossible to find a place for a dinner table? You just never saw compact dining groups. In this collection we have collected a lot of interesting options for every taste

During cooking we are attached toa certain space and technology. Food intake gives much more freedom in choosing not only the territory, but also furniture items. In small kitchens, this is especially true.

Manufacturers of furniture have finally begun to understand,that in the life of each of us there are periods of stay in tiny apartments. In the interior market, there are more and more compact, and at times extreme austere dining groups that will find space in any area. The desire to receive an exclusive, clearly relevantspecific needs, will help to realize specially trained people in the carpentry workshop. Incredibly narrow bar counter in the form of a console, a wide sill-table, a hinged shelf with a folding table top or a transformer design, usually masked under something not related to the dining table - all this is quite feasible and can settle in your interior very soon . The main thing is to have clear ideas about the desired result.