Summer dining room: 23 bright bright ideas for transforming the dining area -


Are you no longer satisfied with the meal? The dining area seems boring and not at all summer? Get an inspiration, flipped through this collection, and immediately begin painting the chairs - the first third of summer is about to end

Many people think that you need to eatMaximally neutral interior, so that nothing distracts from the meal. We venture to come up with a diametrically opposite statement - to arrange summer meals can and should be surrounded by bright shades of the warmest season.

And the brighter and sunnier these shades, the easierThe heat outside the window will be transferred. For transformations, it is not necessary to arrange a full-fledged repair. It will be enough to put a few bright chairs, update the textiles and change the ceiling on the ceiling lamp.

By the way, about the chairs: several different models within the boundaries of one room, ideally painted in different shades, is one of the most fashionable tricks of interior design this season.

If in your pantry for a long time old dustLoosened chairs, it's time to give them a new life. Tighten the bindings tightly, sand if necessary, and paint them in the colors of the brightest objects in your dining room or dining area.