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What you need to know when arranging the veranda: 4 useful tips


The veranda is a truly summer place, where it's niceArrange dinners and spend warm evenings. How stylish and tastefully designed this space, without losing functionality, we asked the interior designers


Before starting the arrangement of the veranda,decide on its functionality. You may want to create multiple areas - a dining area, a relaxation area, or an outdoor work space. Glass partitions, furniture, light or finishing materials can act as zoning elements. By the way, you can combine the space of the veranda with the outdoor one due to the panoramic windows. This will create a feeling of unity with nature, and in good weather it will make it possible to completely erase the boundaries of space. Ilya Starostin, head of the companyAstartaDecor: - The most common and durable materials for veranda decoration are aluminum, glass and steel elements. They not only allow you to create spectacular stylistic solutions, but are also highly durable, retain heat, trap noise, and protect from drafts and ice.


The style of the veranda should match yourpreferences. For example, lovers of the national style can decorate the veranda with the help of Russian decor, where a real Russian stove will take the central place. Romantics will most likely like the lightness of the Provence style. Textured, slightly shabby wood here will be combined with pastel-colored textiles, wrought-iron furniture, and many colors. Rough street tiles will look great on the floor. If the windows of your veranda overlook the reservoir or even the sea, then the appropriate style can be chosen: marine style. Rope ladders, ropes, stylized decor can be located here. Stanislav Orekhov, interior designer: - It is interesting to decorate a veranda - it is a matter of design and style. You can make it in a rustic or Japanese style, create the illusion of a tea ceremony site or a small library. But, as practice shows, the main thing in design is not to experiment, making it stylish and modern. The most optimal thing is to set up a barbecue, install built-in furniture. It is very important to create comfortable and original spaces for relaxation on the veranda: place interesting designer sofas, put or hang an armchair. The interior must contain natural materials. The floor is made of natural wood, no PVC substitutes or artificial materials.


A key factor in developing a veranda design isit is whether it is open or closed. The choice of materials and furniture depends on this. For open verandas, choose materials that will not deteriorate under the influence of weather conditions: metal, plastic, wood. If the veranda is closed, then its appearance can be very similar to the interior rooms - upholstered furniture, textiles, decor. Most often, there is not much space on closed verandas, so multifunctional furniture or transforming furniture will become a lifesaver. Victoria Pashinskaya, interior designer: - The more spacious the veranda, the better. Do not overload it with furniture and bulky items. Precise and functional areas will create the right atmosphere, but excesses in the form of decor and an abundance of small items or cabinets will give a feeling of clutter. Alexandra Kudryavtseva, interior designer:- The main principle of arranging a veranda is the mobility of the items used. Furniture should be easy to move and combine into different groups, since completely different life scenarios take place on the veranda. Modular rattan sofas are well suited for the recreation area - they are not afraid of changes in the weather, they can be easily transformed into different groups, and if desired, they can be moved from the veranda to the garden. It will not be superfluous to provide a place protected from precipitation for storing decorative pillows and blankets, which can be quickly removed in case of bad weather and changed according to your mood. A small chest of drawers can be placed under a canopy on the veranda, which will serve as an excellent place to store board games, magazines and tableware.

Unusual decor

Add personality and a little history to yourthe terrace can be diluted with items that symbolize your interests and hobbies. Natalya Guseva, architect-designer: - I recommend decorating terraces and verandas with all kinds of artifacts and objects that have received a second life on the veranda. For example, you can hang a collection of old keys or wall clocks on the wall. You can also decorate the space with the help of old things, united by a common theme: a scythe, a rake, a sickle and a wheel from a cart. And an old bucket, for example, can be converted into a lampshade. The topics can be varied and correspond to your hobbies:

  • Sport - old skates, clubs, goalkeeper's mask;
  • Geography - maps under glass and in frames, a globe-lamp;
  • Fishing - fishing rods and fishing nets.

Experiment! Stanislav Orekhov, interior designer:- When decorating a terrace, details are important. For example, at the entrance you can hang torches or chandeliers with imitation candles and create a romantic mood in the evenings. To harmoniously combine the space of the terrace and the surrounding landscape, you can place the plants in large laconic pots. Grass and stones are also used as decoration. And of course, lighting is very important so that in the evening the terrace is flooded with uniform and bright light.,,,