Bed of pallets: 18 practical ideas


Can not find a bed for your needs? Collect it yourself from pallets! Our collection of options will push you to a couple of good ideas

Why buy a bed if it can be doneOwn hands and spend on this mere penny? You probably have seen wood pallets in the markets and construction sites, here we suggest we build a bed. You can buy them in the online shops, but now they are sold individually and with delivery. The cost of pallets to indecency is low, and the options are a variety of designs that with their help you can build a huge amount.

Bed of pallets will not yield anythingFinished shop model. Pallets can simply be moved tightly by pressing to each other and putting the mattress on top, or you can, by showing imagination and carpentry skills, collect a bed with drawers and lighting.

Whatever you plan to do with your bedFrom the pallets to begin with, carry out thoughtful calculations - relate the needs to the possibilities, select the pallets of the desired size and scoop their surfaces. However, before proceeding with active action, it is necessary to understand what to do. That's why we collected a selection of ideas that we are sure will force you to create your own bed model with all the functions you personally need. Good luck!