How to create an interior in which you want to live -


Happiness is when you want to go to work in the morning, and in the evening irresistibly pulls home. With work we will not help you, but how to turn a house into the best in the world and only yours - now tell

We have told many times how to make an interiorfashionable, functional, stylish, welcoming and bright. However, almost all of these materials in general spoke of the same thing: creating an interior in which you want to wake up in the morning and meet a new day. Today we decided to collect all the disparate tips into one collection. 1. Associations

Each of us has his own story and his own collectionAssociations, which, unfortunately, we do not use so often, but in vain. For example, the sea for someone - bottomless abyss, ready at any second to absorb all life, for another - seascapes, and just any thoughts about the great water cause a sense of freedom, coolness, weightlessness and peace. Hence we conclude that anyone in the living room will have a blue sofa.

The same principle of choice can be applied to everything,Starting from the color of the walls and ending with the shape of the toilet. Do not be afraid to be in the minority and be considered "strange", this is your home and you live in it. If the wrought-iron chandelier hanging above the glass table arouses your fears, despite assurances about the strength of the fastenings, forget about the beautiful picture and fashionable combinations. Move the table. 2. Memories

We take only the best of your minds andEvenly distributed throughout the interior. The medal for the most beautiful plasticine dragonfly, a pencil drawing drawn "on the very day", survived the hard times of drought and forgetfulness of the pot with the rhododendron, and things like that dear to the heart of the thing, causing a smile or even light sadness, should be in your house. This is not only for you, but for friends who want to know you a little better, and for the next generation, who need a family history to get to know themselves - and in it, believe me, there are no superfluous trifles. 3. Communication of generations

Pictures from the 12th birthday of your eldest son,A postcard from a grandmother from Sverdlovsk, a mother-of-arms plaid, a grandfather's bureau and an album with prerevolutionary photographs should not be covered with the dust of an elusive life in a pantry. The past of your family - and your life too, especially if the evidence of this past is causing you positive emotions. 4. What makes you better

Charters and awards are logical, but it is appropriate inDosage form. But what should not be stingy, this is for the future for you and your family. Books, objects of collections, sporting shells (now even a bicycle can be made an effective part of the interior), items of personal victories - photos from the competition, embroidered by Damien Hirst's full-length work, armchair pulled from the antique ruins. Items that tell you about your own victories and overcoming, more than once spodvignut on accomplishments, which you, perhaps, do not even expect from yourself. 5. Comfort

Perhaps, this is the key point of any interior. Whatever you create with the environment, it should be convenient to both be and move around. If you need to get around three pieces of furniture to get to your favorite chair - it's not comfort, it's, strangely enough, stress. You do not have to overcome yourself in your own home, for this there is an external world, but here everything should be perfect and arranged for you. So before you change anything, think about whether you will be comfortable living with this change. 6. The variativity

Today you are a convinced bachelor with one plate,One fork and one spoon in the kitchen, and in a couple of years your second half in anticipation of twins will begin to wonder how you imagine life with children surrounded by leather, glass and metal. Of course, everything in this world will not be prepared, but it is still worthwhile to create the conditions for a situation that is quite possible, in your opinion. No, if your soul requires chrome and bare brickwork, no one will stop you on this brutal path, but if your tender heart is sweetly compressed at the sight of a lupus-eyed little kitten of the Canadian sphinx, then, most likely, it is worthwhile to refrain from leather sofas. 7. Health

This point should bother you and not giveSleep nights at the repair stage, so that after a couple of years, after reading a detailed description of the effects of the effects on the body of asbestos, you did not want to escape to the village. For the same reason, we strongly recommend you to choose preferably natural textiles and quality double-glazed windows. 8. Promise

We must live by our means, everyone knows this andIt is quite reasonable. However, in order for these same funds, along with the opportunities to grow and multiply, we must regularly stimulate ourselves. And for this you need things that are somewhat superior to your current capabilities. What will it be is up to you. Whether this thing will cost something or become, more likely, a symbol of the goal, to which you aspire - this we again leave to your discretion. But the necessity of the presence of such a thing in your house is great and will be justified only after a while. This we promise you.