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How to make a romantic bedroom: 5 tips and 23 ideas -


Do not know how to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom? We have a few spring ideas

Spring is the most romantic time of the year, but youfor some reason did not have time to get imbued with the idea? Maybe the reason is cold March, maybe it's April, which so far only teases with the sun, but the fact remains that the mood is not a bit romantic. We propose to fix the situation with small transformations in the bedroom. 1. Canopy

Let's start with the most difficult. Variations in the consolidation of a piece of translucent matter are now proposed so many that the talk of the impossibility of implementing such a large-scale idea in your "most ordinary" bedroom, we consider excuses. Baldahin is incredibly beautiful, romantic and ... dusty. Therefore, immediately consider a simplified system of operation. They took it off, washed it, dried it, fixed it. If everything will be as in notes, we promise you: there will be more positive emotions. 2. Curtains

If the windows of your bedroom look out on the sunnySide and without curtains just in any way, we offer you, besides light-tight heavy curtains, also to get a translucent air tulle. During the day, you can cover them with a window. Just do not leave the curtains hanging limply from the bar. Approach the process creatively. With us, inspiration. 3. Light

Proper lighting is incredibly important. A bright chandelier is not a solution, it's a problem. If you are not going to embroider with a small cross "The Temptation of St. Anthony", then intensive lighting in the bedroom you to anything. Focus on finding light lamps, the light from which looks the most "alive". That is, it resembles a dense glow of the setting sun, a swarm of fireflies, or the dawn that breaks through the foliage. The more shadows are created by this or that lamp, the better. 4. Plants

Nothing is more romantic than walks under the moon yetInvented. Flavors of night flowers and a sleeping forest, rustle of leaves and moonlight. To create a similar atmosphere in the bedroom is a task for a motivated person who will spare no time and moral strength, but the result will be worth all efforts. 5. Candles

Where without them. An open fire is a comfort, a warmth, and a sense of having a subdued fire element. But first of all, candles are incredibly romantic. And even if the presence of an open fire in the room scares you, candles can always be enclosed in a vessel or, even easier, in the most ordinary can of sand.