What to do if the crisis is found during repairs: tips and arguments

Repair is a troublesome business. In order not to guess what a pretty penny the apartment will turn out and how the crisis will affect the cost of furniture, we conducted a survey and learned the opinion of experts and market consumers. The crisis has already made itself felt, the prices for some consumer goods have gone up. And what do you do with the repair that has already begun or planned? Especially this issue is relevant if the repair is in an unfinished stage: the main alteration is done, and ahead - facing works, the purchase of furniture and appliances. Yes, and builders are not today or tomorrow can begin to grumble about the fact that the situation has changed. How to talk with workers if they, in connection with the depreciation of the ruble, require higher wages? Should I continue to deal with them, or better take on the wallpapering of the family contract? Let's see what the experts in the field of construction say. The salary of workers with the dollar exchange rate is not connected in any way. As originally you agreed with the team, and continue to work. And if builders begin to express discontent, then this is called blackmail.

Oleg Borisenko, head of the construction company ItMeans that only pre-crisis options for cooperation are working. Is it really? Let's listen to another professional's opinion. Igor Slisarenko, the company "RepairExpress": - Our prices have not changed and will not change in the near future. Moreover, everything goes on as usual: the repair work is being completed and paid under the original contract, without changes. As a rule, the contract with the construction teamIs in rubles, but what if, at the beginning of the repair, it was more convenient for you to calculate your budget in foreign currency, and now it has grown significantly, what does the foreman remind of, threatening with a strike? What will lawyers advise us? Catherine Kaygorodova, a lawyer: - If you have signed a contract before the crisis and pointed out that the payment will be made upon completion of an amount equivalent to a certain amount of currency at the rate of CB RF on the day of payment, the situation allows you to apply to the contractor with the requirement of Change or termination of the contract. If he does not agree - do it in court. However, in this case we are talking only about a situation in which circumstances have changed so much that if the parties could foresee this, the treaty would not have been concluded at all or would have been concluded under significantly different conditions. That is, when concluding a contract, you should not have expected that the economic situation could change that much. So, with the workers, the conversation is short, but what about the finishing materials? Should we expect prices for paint, wallpapers, tiles? What do experts who know this market say as their five fingers? Maria Streltsova, designer: - Suppliers estimate imported materials in euros, at a rate of 70 rubles, so we have not ordered anything yet, we will wait for the end of January, when people "will get over" and will be a little more adequate to think. In the agitation there are not only buyers but also sellers, and the most reasonable in this situation will live by the principle of a famous fairy-tale character who liked to say: "calmness, only calmness." Of course, when planning your dream apartment, weImagined Italian cuisine and designer furniture. Do you have to abandon our plans for saving and buy furniture on sales on the Internet or drive the kitchen from the dacha? We decided to ask what professionals from leading companies think about this. Maria Levina, director of TheFurnish: - Consumer prices for designer furniture of European and American brands are already rising due to the fall in the ruble exchange rate. Prices for designer furniture in Russia are adjusted more slowly, but as Russian designers also use imported materials, it is expected that the prices for this furniture will grow within the next three to four months. Those who planned the purchase of furniture, it is worth doing it now, as the price increase will continue. It turns out, who did not manage to buy furniture before the crisisForeign production, he was hopelessly late? What do experts say in this area? Alexander Ukhanov, Development Director, Liberty Home, Art de Vivre, Right Carpets, Silk Caravan: - Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, prices for imported furniture in Moscow have already increased: companies respond quickly to changes in quotations. Liberty Home, perhaps, an exception. We managed to fix the ruble prices for furniture. The offer extends to all subjects and will be relevant for a few more months. Our solution will save customers money by more than 30%. Before the sharp changes in currency rates, furniture at Liberty Home was actually 20% lower than analogues in other stores. After a general increase in prices, the difference reached almost 30%. We do not invest a lot of money in rent. Shopping centers prefer inexpensive accommodation in the former factory, so as not to shift costs to customers. Hence - a flexible pricing policy, which allows us to fix ruble prices in an unstable economic situation. So, to buy Western furniture in the same wayThe price still has the opportunity, at least until spring.A what if you go the other way and look towards the domestic manufacturer? We are asking Russian companies. We are not planning a price increase yet. However, much will depend on the prices of resources in our country.

Alexandra Skobeleva, marketing director of lllooch It turns out that Russian furniture manufacturersOptimistic, but cautious. Prices do not rise, but some anxiety in the comments still present. Pavel Shelyagin, Commercial Director of The Fields: - Our pricing policy remains the same. And another 20% discount was added during the New Year holidays. But we suspended the production of furniture under the brand name Field & Rage, and the furniture direction is temporarily frozen - until better times. Then, maybe, China is our everything, and furnitureNow you also need to buy Chinese? We decided to ask the expert of the market of Eduard Molchadsky, who works directly with furniture. Eduard Molchadsky, director of the official representation of American companies for furniture and light: - I'm not sure about the quality of Chinese furniture, I'm not sure about the quality of materials used by the Chinese. Furniture is not bought for a year ... For people who value their nerves, money and time, Chinese furniture is not suitable. Given the current situation, the best solution I would call furniture from America. The price is in dollars. But it is cheaper than Italian. Yes, some of the furniture is made in Asia in Asia. But, given the high standards in the US, this furniture always meets the quality requirements. Having stability in the incomes, many, ordering furniture, for a greater protection of a guarantee left an advance payment. But how now to be? Really introduced funds have depreciated so much that you have to pay all over again, and even in triple size? What if the furniture store insists on increasing the price due to changes in the dollar and euro rates? What do lawyers think? Ekaterina Kaigorodova, lawyer: - It all depends on the terms of the contract, which is purchased furniture. If the price was tied to the exchange rate on the day of payment, then here it is possible to talk about a significant change in the circumstances from which the parties proceeded at the conclusion of the contract and demand a change in the terms of the contract or its termination. What if you do not expect such significantChanges in the financial market, nevertheless got involved in repair, having made together with the designer the project, the estimate, and having certain plans for the appearance of the apartment? Let's listen to the private opinion. For the sake of reducing the estimate, it was necessary to refrain from some things. So, in the bathroom instead of a Jacuzzi I put an ordinary bath, I removed the floor from the shower with autoline, instead of expensive interior doors I put the domestic ones, I decided to leave the wall between the kitchen and the living room, and instead of the finished kitchen I laid the countertop with tiles and put Shelves.

Dmitry, the owner of the apartment So, goodbyeBeautiful design projects? Designers and architects will now be left without a job? Love Borisova, architect: - The number of customers I have not changed, although some decided to "freeze" their repairs. But suddenly they bought apartments and asked for help from those who did not even think about it. It turns out that designers have everything in order and the crisis they do not feel. Is it so? We specify from Michael Dautov. Mikhail Dautov, designer: - The crisis now has the least impact on the work of designers and architects. Since those who are in the process of creating an interior for their home or apartment, are already involved in this process anyway, and in any case they will finish the interiors. They have already bought their apartments and built or are building houses, and nowhere in this situation will not run away. But next year, perhaps those on whom the crisis hit, houses will not be built and apartments will not be bought. But since designers and architects work on objects on average over a year or two, it is we who will feel the consequences of the crisis only in a year or two, when the customers will be slightly less. In any case, this was the case the previous time. The crisis of 2008 we felt only in 2010-2011, when we were not approached by those who should have bought apartments and built houses in 2009. So repair is not such a disaster? Hence, everything can be completed, purchased and completed this endless discomfort associated with noise, disorder and constant reduction of the debit with a loan. If it so happened that the crisis caught you during the repair, the first thing to do is to drop the panic. Of course, with the feeling that it will not end, it's difficult to fight, but, believe us, there are worse situations. Therefore, we mobilize internal forces and bring it to completion, and how to save money during repairs and how to replace the extra-expensive interior details, we will tell you on the pages of our website. Cultura / Judith Wagner Fotografie, Martin Barraud, Vincent Ricardel, Patti McConville,,,