House and Cottage

The project of a house in the European spirit: 385 meters of happiness for a young couple -

The classic interior of the house, which is soontime will be completed in the village of Ilyinka, suggests that here could live the aristocrats of the XIX century. So it is beautiful, pompous and elegant. Today we will talk about the house located in the Moscow region of Ilyinka. His masters are a young creative couple who simply can not imagine his life without music, and loves it when the house is full of friends. Their main wish was to create a comfortable interior in a classical style, in which it would be easy to accommodate a large number of guests. Alexandra Klyamuris coped with the task. Alexandra Klyamuris Alexandra Klyamuris is the founder of the K-DSN interior design studio. Since 2004, her studio has implemented more than 400 projects. K-DSN develops beautiful and convenient design of cottages, townhouses, apartments, offices, houses, as well as hotels, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, medical centers, beauty salons. The project is at the stage of active implementation, and soon this beautiful interior will delight the eyes of the owners and guests of the house. For the design project, architecture played a decisive role, and so much that it gave the entourage the look of a pompous and incredibly cozy palace room, rather than the Moscow suburbs. We were very inspired by the architecture of the house, the facade of which is executed in the European manner, as well as interior layouts with high ceilings, columns and huge windows, from which a wonderful view opens. This form of construction came to Russia quite recently and is called the leinhouse. Lanehouse are cottages that are merged into one large structure, and the village of Ilyinka became the first in this category. Alexandra Klyamuris The living room seemed to be specially designed forinstallation of a musical instrument and has become an ideal place for a grand piano, on which both spouses play. Classic style with a natural color palette, rich furnish, exquisite furnishings and elegant décor designed to listen to the sounds of music with family or friends. Living room elements:

  • armchair - Lexington Home Brands;
  • sofa - Dialma Brown sofa;
  • lamp - Empire 1074 by Bronze d'Art;
  • pouf - Dialma Brown Mobili DB001578;
  • mirror in the carved frame - Schuller 309912;
  • a table - Drexel Heritage.

At the same time in the space of the first floorthere was a kitchen and a dining room, but no partitions were used to preserve the feeling of a single bright space. Decorating the interior, the authors of the design adhered to the basic concept - the classic stylistics of the whole house. Tiles in the kitchen on the walls resemble brickwork, painted with bone china blue from the Little Green brand. Elements of kitchen and dining room:

  • island - Lyn Design Kitchen Island;
  • hob - Siemens Induction Cooktop;
  • chairs - Madelyn;
  • washing - Blanco metra 6s compact;
  • mixer - Emmevi Laguna;
  • chandelier - Light & Living;
  • chairs - Hickory, Martin Host Chair;
  • cupboards - Cabinet Grillon Eichholtz.

The first floor is decorated with stucco molding, crystal chandeliersand intricate candelabra. Heavy curtain fabrics of complex shades, gracefully draped, upholstery of furniture, numerous sofa cushions - all are sustained in uniform color scale. Doors will be made to order on individual sketches. Alexandra Klyamuris - The color solution in the living room is made in a colder range, the color is called "bone china" and is complemented by notes of deep blue in textile design and finishing materials such as kitchen apron tile, metlakh tile in the hall and hallway. The second floor - the personal space of the hosts: there is their bedroom, children's and bathrooms, made in warmer shades, gently contrasting with the rooms level below. And the third floor is fully equipped for guests: there are two guest rooms and an office. The decoration of the house is a beautiful marble staircase, in the tradition of the best aristocratic houses. The master bedroom looks very warm in color due to its textile design: golden shades are combined with coffee and beige. On the floor - an engineering board. Elements of the bedroom:

  • bed - Angelo Cappellini Brahms;
  • curbstone - CO.35, Stella del Mobile;
  • lamp - Gramercy Home;
  • banquet and puffs - Christopher Guy;
  • chest of drawers - Stella del mobile;
  • armchair - Baker Tuileries;
  • a table - Chelini Sofa Table;
  • chandelier - ArteLamp;
  • bra - Artelamp Flemish;
  • Lights - Arte Dalpozzo.

The bathroom has absorbed the same calmBeige tones with numerous gold elements - whether it's inserting tiles in the shower, chandeliers, framing mirrors or plumbing. Floor tiles, made under a tree - Korzilius Selva Naturale, and porcelain stoneware - Precious Stones. Tile in the shower - Ceramiche Grazia. Elements of the bathroom:

  • mirrors - Lineatre Gold Componibile Mirror;
  • Bra - Devon & Devon;
  • mixer - Novial Cesare;
  • white ceramic sink with painting - Spexi;
  • bath - firm "Astra Form", model "Marlboro";
  • console - Stanley Preserve-Pavillion;
  • pouffes - Christopher Guy;
  • toilet bowl - Nero Ceramica Revo.

In the basement there is a seating area: stage, music equipment and home theater. The entrance to it starts to the right of the base of the already mentioned round marble staircase. And on the other side of it, behind a glass partition with shelves and a column, is the hall, from which the acquaintance of the guests with this beautiful structure begins. Elements of the hall:

  • Vintage console - Dialma Brown;
  • chest of drawers - DialmaBrown;
  • sconce - Judeco;
  • sofa - Ebanista Borghese Sofa;
  • chandeliers - Riperlamp Group;
  • tables - Kingstown Sedona;
  • chandelier - ArteLamp.

Natural textiles, stone and wood - onlynatural materials of natural colors were used in this design project. The interior has turned out so perfect, light and solemn, that life here becomes a continuous pleasure. And the children who grew up here, from an early age will have a predisposition to creativity and high art.