Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Stylish and strong: interior for an independent fashion stylist


How to create a stylish space at 31square meter, so that it always conforms to modern fashion and in the future was not subjected to a serious functional correction? This we will look at the example of a stylish male interior. This small apartment is located in Stockholm. She looks fashionable, neat and stylish. In this miniature space, there was a place for the kitchen, bedroom, living room and mini-work area. It is designed in such a way that with the help of decorative elements, color solutions and furniture items, you can easily change the appearance of the room.

Aristocratic notes

It is possible that in this small apartmentthere is a young man under 30 years of age. There is a possibility that he was brought up and raised in an aristocratic family. He has a well-developed taste and sense of style. Parquet floors, chair covers, a candlestick on the table, brass furnishings and decor create a noble setting. Judging by the pictures on the wall, his hobby is playing polo.

Gasim aggression color

The color scheme is discreet, relaxing, withunexpected moments. It can be seen that the young man strives for independence, loves to be fashionable and creative. Most likely, he chose his own path, and did not become the heir to his parents' business. There is a creative approach to the design of the space. A light color was chosen as the basis. For a mini space, this is just perfect. To bring refined elegance and chic to the interior, gray and pink were added here. Yes, it’s unexpected to see a bed with such an original headboard in a young man’s apartment. But this shade is trending, and with a male audience. It is distinguished by a calmer pastel color scheme that can dampen aggression. So that the interior does not look vanilla, it was decided to emphasize it with black accents. Combined with copper, this creates a powerful, deep, imposing impression. It is not for nothing that black is associated with elegance, strength and respect. That is, the landlord wants to achieve recognition and positive attitude from the parents.

Functional approach

Perhaps the owner of the apartment is a good specialistin the field of fashion and style. Therefore, he chose such a rational approach to the design of his home. All pieces of furniture and decor, if necessary, are easy to change. Replacing the headboard, bedspreads or covers is easy. But the interior will always look fresh and new. Flowers are also a distinctive feature of this space. They are everywhere, even in the bathroom. And, mind you, mostly orchids. Now it is the most popular, beautiful and fashionable plant, which speaks of the refined taste of the owner. A creative, unconventional approach is the main quality of a stylist. Most likely, the young man is a versatile stylist: a photographer and image maker. He is an outgoing, creative personality, building a career in the field of fashion.


It can be seen that the owner cares about the image of the apartment.The small size of the room is not a hindrance to this. Already from the doorway, you can notice the noble origin and great taste. Entrance hall and kitchen are combined. But look at how this tiny space is used - functional and beautiful. A solid chest of drawers with massive table lamps immediately draws attention to itself. In the living room, a large mirror stands out especially - a key element of the interior. It is framed in a black massive frame and is combined with the general style in the space. In addition to the decorative load, the mirror visually levels and expands the room. A mirror is a visual regulator and a necessary attribute of any mod. The whole space is harmoniously united by texture, color and style.

It's clear that it does not go out

The only light source in the apartment issmall window. For obvious reasons, they did not cover it with curtains. Each section of the apartment has additional lighting and is highlighted with visual light accents. This makes the room seem a little larger and brighter. In the profession of a stylist, light plays a very important role. The owner of the apartment strives for success, so he should look 100%.