The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Stylish interior bachelor apartment

How to make a bachelor apartment attractive,Stylish and not like a "den"? Is it possible to place a living room, a kitchen, a recreation area and enough storage space at 40 meters? We see a real example from Moscow Often, an apartment of a lonely man is called a "bachelor dowry". But today we want to present a project that the language does not turn to be called a birch. This is the most that neither is stylish (let and small - only 40 square meters) space, emphasizing the good taste of its owner. To transform his apartment owner turned to architect Valery Kalyuzhny and designer Olga Povarova. Valery Kalyuzhny, architect Olga Povarova, designer

Universal interior

As you have already guessed, the customerInterior is a young man under thirty, with a family status of "single." His hot passion is travel to tropical countries, where he likes to surf and practice yoga. The final plans for the apartment were not known, the young man could stay in it himself or rent it out, which was also considered as an alternative. Therefore, the interior decided to make it universal, so it was good for one person, and for a small family. Olga Povarova, designer: - The customer wanted from a one-room apartment with a separate kitchen and a corridor to make an apartment-studio with the possibility of quickly organizing a separate bedroom. This desire was due in part to the fact that he did not know whether he would live in it alone or would prefer to take it, perhaps to a small family. We had to design the apartment as functional as possible, cozy and effective, and this task required a minimum of effort and time.

Features of the layout

It is interesting that initially there was noAny partitions or walls. One of the main tasks set for the architect and designer is to make a modern and at the same cozy layout, which will not cause problems when approved in the BTI and other organizations. Valeria and Olga managed to do it, because the new layout was quickly certified and complied with all the rules and norms of housing exploitation.

Severity of masculine taste

The color solution is conceived in restrained tones, likeA universal neutral background for further filling the interior with bright objects for future tenants. This decision was also dictated by the severity of male taste, in case the customer will live in this apartment.

Without chandeliers

The owner of the apartment asked not to useInterior of the chandelier, so as not to clutter up the already small space and give it more dynamics. Therefore, it was decided to illuminate the studio with built-in lamps, light tires and light pockets. Valery Kalyuzhny, architect: - We picked up the fixtures in the catalogs of the German company SLV and found that some of them have analogs in IKEA, which we used.

Bedroom in the niche

Initially, the owner of the apartment offered to doZoning partition between the bedroom and the living room, but in the process of work the customer refused this idea. He preferred the tight curtains from IKEA, which were then perfected in the studio, sewing to them one more facial and special inner layer. This was done for additional noise insulation. Olga Povarova, designer: - For partitions a part of the niche was intended, which the customer eventually decided to use as a storage system for his belongings.

Through hardship to the stars

In any project, when implemented,difficulties. This interior was no exception. Before Valery Kalyuzhny and Olga Povarova there were two main difficulties. What exactly and how the specialists dealt with them - we were told by Valery Kalyuzhny. Valery Kalyuzhny, architect: - The most difficult in the project was to lay the sewer to the kitchen sink. The first place was functionality, but not at the expense of aesthetics. We managed to realize this without erecting podiums, usually applied in such cases. We calculated the correct bias and built it in the wall. The second difficulty was finding a swivel bracket for the TV. With this we also coped. As it turned out, there are already brackets that meet not only technical, but also aesthetic criteria.

Finishing, materials and brands

  • Wallpaper for painting in the kitchen area;
  • Wallpaper Domus parati (Limonta) in the living room area;
  • Wallpaper Zambaiti Showogue 57 0.7 X 10.05 in the bedroom area;
  • Wallpapers Sirpi plus painting Caparol in the lobby;
  • Laminate Balterio Grandeur 592 (Renaissance oak);
  • Furniture, household appliances from IKEA;
  • Blind textile for bathroom Spirella;
  • Ceramic granite Cir Saint Barth in the bathroom;
  • Casa Dolce Casa in the lobby;
  • Light - IKEA.

Tips for creating a similar interior from Valery Kalyuzhny and Olga Povarova

  • Dance from the stove: first the project. The basis of this interior is a well thought-out layout that meets all customer requirements. In order to create a comfortable, cozy interior in which everything that you plan to fit (especially if you have only one-room apartment), you need before you start talking to builders and negotiate for repairs, think, paint, "walk around the apartment " on paper. If it's hard for you to imagine this on a scale - contact a specialist.
  • If your accessories vary depending on theMood, then you need a similar "background" interior, just as the wall in the gallery is the background for the pictures. Depending on the preferences of residents, this space can have several lives: from strict, with contrasting monochrome objects, to bright, with contrasting color accessories. It's worth putting bright pillows on the sofa, buying colorful colored pots and towels, hanging a bright curtain in the bathroom, and Audrey Hepburn replacing, for example, the bright Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol, and life will flow in the other direction.
  • Turn the flaw into dignity! A common question: what to do with the inspection hatch in the bathroom, especially if it is in the most prominent place. Decorate it with your favorite photos within the framework that you will each morning be helped to wake up and rejoice. Or another option: in our project, the door of the hatch is a mirror in the frame above the sink.
  • Take note that technological progressGoes further and further. And if you need to do with one TV, and you prefer to watch it from different parts of the apartment, use the swivel bracket for TVs! Gone are the days when the brackets looked cumbersome and ugly. Now there are elegant and inconspicuous patterns. In our interior, thanks to him, the TV can be turned up to 180 ° and watch your favorite shows from the bedroom.
  • Do not be afraid to change, do not be afraid to change. Move furniture more often, do permutations, and then one day you will calculate the most comfortable for you interior, and perhaps the most functional and optimal. Remember: the floor and ceiling are real estate, and everything inside, including walls, is recommended to be moved periodically, and then your world will be alive and flowing. For example, the kitchen is the most important, because it contains a large number of used equipment. It should be spacious and inspiring. You can lift the oven to the level of the countertop, and you will see that this is convenient, as it is not necessary to bend and crouch each time to get a turkey from the oven. Also be rational - the equipment is better to put it like this: a refrigerator, then next - the working surface, then - the sink, again the working surface and then the stove. This will allow you to reduce cooking time, since you will not make unnecessary movements. One of the main evaluations of our work was the customer's phrase: "This kitchen inspires me to cook! And all because it is all convenient, and is exactly where it should be. "
  • Photos courtesy of Olga Povarova