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What to give to a woman: ideas of useful and unusual gifts

If you still think that perfume, flowers andJewelry is the best gift for every woman, our article is slightly shocking to you. Successful, young ladies today dream of a screwdriver, ponies, robots and something else. Recently, we interviewed successful, held men and found out that they dreamed of some rather non-trivial and unexpected things that they would like to receive in the New Year. Today we will tell you about what successful women really dream of, who already have almost everything in their life, about which they dreamed when they were little girls. And this is not the kind of thing that men usually give!

Katia Ioltukhovskaya wants a set for the fireplace

Ekaterina Ioltukhovskaya was very successfulBusiness vumen. She was educated as an architect, and today she is an artist and decorator. Constantly lives in France, where he writes books, leads the experience for the French and Russian. Most recently, her watercolor exhibition in the center of Nantes was a success. It was timed to the festival of Russian culture, lasted three weeks and was dedicated to Solovki, which Catherine herself loves gently. By her own admission, today she bears the French wealth of Russian culture and art, and as a gift she wants a very warm thing that creates a stunning comfort in the house. Katya Ioltuhovskaya, artist, decorator: - Actually, I want to slowly fill my home with French antiques. Probably, I will even restore these little things myself. These can be chests of drawers, sideboards, armchairs of the XVII century - especially in France all this is quite affordable. But if I talk about something modern, then I would have a good set for a fireplace.

Ella Abushkevich wants an armchair

Ella Abushkevich is a well-known Moscow designerClothes, is the creator of the ironic bag with the talking name Popka bag. Today produces a clothing line under the brand ELLA Abushkevich. For more than ten years as a creative director of PR & Event agency AT Progect created projects in the field of art, design, fashion. Took part in the biggest fashion events as an organizer. She created clothes and individual elements for corporate corporate style of famous city coffee shops, restaurants, theme parties as a stylist, and also worked with leading interior magazines, worked as a personal shopper and image maker in Russia and Italy. Own brand began to create in 2012. Produces a limited collection of clothing once a season. Wants to get a gift of stylish things for the house. Ella Abushkevich, designer: - In the New Year I would like to receive a Sparkle Chair chair from one of my favorite designers Karim Rashid and an extraordinary Vapor Floor Lamp. These items would perfectly fit in the interior of my new workshop.

Diana Serebrova wants Tajin

Diana Serebrova - designer of jewelry «DianaSerebrova ". Landscape architect by education. Already four years engaged in business - working on creating jewelry under his own brand. Very much wants to give people the beauty, realizing their ideas, creating handmade jewelry, in which there is individuality and soul. Vintage brooches of Diana Serebrovoy quickly won the sympathy of Moscow women of fashion. And all thanks to impeccable manual work and careful selection of precious and semiprecious materials. Diana collects antiques and antiques. Inspired by travel, where he loves to feel the life of the country in which it happens. Diana Serebrova, designer of jewelry: - I really love delicious and healthy food, I will not hide, I like a lot and tasty food. For me, cooking is an aesthetic pleasure, you can say - design. Even more important is what you cook, for me, the dishes are the most important factor in cooking. Recently I discovered cast-iron dishes for myself. It has more than a century of history and still has not lost its relevance, but the main thing is that it is environmentally friendly. So for me it will always be a welcome gift of tazhin from pig iron.

Nelly Konstantinova wants a dressing table

Nelly Konstantinova is a traveler,Author-blogger and photographer. She was the editor-in-chief of Condé Nast Traveler, editor of Vogue magazine. A great expert of the restaurant award Time Out. He loves everything beautiful, exquisite and unique, and as a gift he dreams of receiving a thing that has almost ceased to be in demand today. Nelli Konstantinova, traveler, author and photographer: - I, of course, would like to receive for the New Year a robot, such a fairy gnome, who could lay out endless documents and papers in folders, separate paid invoices from unpaid ones and keep this treasure away from mine eye. But while such robots, in which it would be possible to broadcast that part of my memory that is responsible for business papers, have not been invented, I want a dressing table. There, at least I can put all my spirits, and there I'll quickly find my rings. I dream of a rococo table so that chains and pendants can be clinging to its curls.

Inga Azhirey wants a drill

Inga Azhgirey is a designer and an artist. It creates amazing, we really like. Makes interior painting, graphics, painting of interior items. He is engaged in interior design. Develops a corporate identity. Dreams of completely untypical, but very necessary for the designer things: a grinding machine and a drill. Inga Azhirei, designer: - Personally, I would like to receive a compact grinder as a gift, a drill with a bunch of small nozzles, working from the mains and on the battery. And, of course, I would not refuse new spirits and extra time to read paper books.

Tatyana Vitko wants a meat grinder

Tatyana Vitko - owner of a network of boutiques and a, and she is also a representative of the legendary jewelry brand Kenneth Jay Lane: this brilliant designer decorated shoes with rock crystal, and his necklace and earrings were worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Sophia Loren, Maya Plisetskaya. Tanya is the mother of four children, a loving and caring wife. And literally a mystery woman: you never guess how old she is, how you will never know in which city she will be tomorrow - Tanya has friends, it seems, all over the world. By the way, she is very fond of traveling with the whole family. And although Tanya categorically denies that she skillfully leads the household, but her wishes for the New Year tell us something quite different: the refrigerator room and the new meat grinder - today this is the limit of her dreams. Tatiana Vitko, businesswoman: - Actually, I would like to receive a subscription for all the premieres of the Bolshoi Theater as a gift, but if we are only talking about a gift for the home, then I have two wishes: from the most "urgent" - I want a new meat grinder . I often cook at home cutlets, and I really need it, my once was "advanced" and fashionable, but now I understand that I want something newer, or I often forget that where and where it is inserted and how it is going to -Discussed. And from far-reaching plans - I want a refrigerator room, but whatever refrigerator there is, everything is somehow inconvenient, then the lemon drops into the potatoes, something spills. Well, there are dressing rooms for people, why not make a refrigerator? In general, I dream about such that there everything was convenient to store: milk and potatoes.

Catherine Istomina wants a pony

Istomina Catherine the golden penLaksheri-journalism, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, a columnist of the publishing house Kommersant. Catherine writes always and everywhere, she simply can not help writing; On her Facebook page, dozens of accurate, ironic and deep observations appear daily. There is no such luxury edition that would not dream of getting Katya into its authors. She interviewed and wrote articles about the most famous people in Russia and the world. Our request to tell what Catherine dreams for her home, she took literally and told about what, or rather - who in the apartment is definitely not the place! Ekaterina Istomina, journalist: - For the New Year as a gift, I would most like to get a pony. Ten years ago I was fond of polo, and even quite seriously wanted to buy a polo-pony, a horse of a special "sports" breed, bred in Argentina in the mid-30s of last century. Now, however, I left attempts to become a polo-player, but here the sport interest to the horses remained. So the fierce, shaggy pony is my "New Year's Star".

Evgenia Zhukovskaya wants to wash the air

Evgenia Zhukovskaya - editor in chief of the portal"Parishes." We can say that a journalist by birth, who began to master her favorite work before her birth, from a mother journalist who did not leave work until almost the very birth. Eugene in the mass media works with the last grades of the school, she did not leave her pen during her studies at the journalism of the Russian Orthodox University. Currently preparing to defend the thesis on sociology management. However, this is not withdrawal from the profession, because scientific research is devoted to information processes and media policy. As a gift, he wants to wash the air (about them, by the way, more recently we have detailed). Eugenia Zhukovskaya, editor-in-chief - New Year - the time of domestic hassle around the family hearth. For me, the New Year-Christmas holidays are associated with the opportunity to relax in the kitchen, cook one or two pies, bake some game, come up with a new sauce. Unfortunately, most of us live in apartment buildings where ventilation can not cope with the abundance of "edible" impurities in the air. And if I enjoy the smell of food in red pepper, then neighbors can not appreciate such flavors. So I want an air cleaner. Some brands of this unit are called "air washing". It is easy to handle. This is the perfect gift for the upcoming New Year!

Anna Gorbunova wants a Christmas tree

Anya has worked as an editor in SALON-interior since 2005of the year. And today she is perhaps the most famous journalist in Moscow, writing about furniture, accessories and fabrics for the interior. She became an expert in this field, so it's time for her to read lectures on textile brands and their trends! Anna - one of the organizers of the group "Sisters" in Facebook, in which they write about the most interesting things for girls. Still Anya is a blogger, and she's just a very bright, cheerful girl with a lot of friends. If they need to find out something or find in the interior market, they do not hesitate to seek information or advice specifically for it. Anna Gorbunova, journalist: - New Year's is a holiday that allows us to return to childhood for a short time, at that wonderful time when a fairy tale and a miracle are something so close and real! The time when Father Frost was dad, when green bananas ripen on the mezzanine, when my grandmother bakes pies, and my mother learns from you a long poem that you'll read in a snowflake costume on a matinee in the kindergarten. It is a pity that you can not wish to return to the past and once again experience all these wonderful moments. But you can create a Christmas fairy tale today, and for that I just really need a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, so that it was just like the picture in a fashion magazine. With toys, garlands, tinsel, artificial snow. This is the best gift!

Olga Kosyreva wants furniture

Olga Kosyreva - design critic and design historian,One of the organizers of the "Design-lecture by Olga Kosyreva", a program of author's lectures on history and the current state of design. As editor and journalist participated in the launch of Russian versions of the magazines AD and Interni, she was editor of Vogue magazine and editor-in-chief of Objekt @ Russia and Psychologies Luxe. Olga Kosyreva, critic: - Everything that I love in the house, and everything that makes my daily life beautiful, I, of course, have: a very comfortable bed, soft bed linen, roomy wardrobe, a desk, a bunch of beautiful dishes, high quality Crystal and porcelain, as well as tools and appliances for cooking. But soon I have to move, and in a new apartment I would like to have things not just pleasant, but with a memory, with a history, things for the soul and admiration. To look at them - and think about people. And I imagine that first of all these will be the things of my favorite designers, with which I, ironically, recently met again in Miami, after which I just got stronger in my opinion about their genius, and our mutual feelings with them even more Warmer. This is, firstly, Patricia Urquiola - I love everything she does, and her Redondo chair, or Clarissa Hood for Moroso, would be my best gift. And secondly - Ninke Tinangel and Job Smets from Studio Job. Necessarily I plant one wall with wallpaper from their collection Archives for NLXL. If you do not give - I'll buy it myself!

Anastasia Kachalova wants a rug

Kachalova Anastasia is the owner of her ownBrand clothes for home and recreation IRLI. Her shop offers a large assortment of home clothes and clothes for rest - silk and velvet dressing gowns, pajamas, nightgowns and much more. In her show room you can buy something that will attract, taste a wonderful coffee, read the latest magazines or read one of the interesting books. This year, the most purchased gift for men for the New Year was pajamas made of wool, in which it is so comfortable to spend weekends at home. To herself as a gift she wants a rug. Anastasia Kachalova, businesswoman: - New Year's Day is a family holiday, that's why the gifts that are meant for the whole family are twice as good and pleasant. Pajamas I have with my husband already, so this year I would like to get a big, beautiful and very warm ... plaid. It's so wonderful - to spend holidays at home in a warm blanket, in an embrace with your beloved husband, reviewing New Year's films. A special romance will add snow outside the window, but, as they say, nature has no bad weather. Especially with a warm blanket.