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Tiles for the kitchen on the floor: 20 fashionable examples of interiors


The floor of tiles is not only practical, but alsobeautiful. Correctly selected drawing can create a completely new mood, atmosphere and even slightly adjust the style of the interior. In our selection - a lot of ideas for inspiration

There are times when the interior of the kitchen suitsCompletely, but can not be considered actual. Someone does not touch this at all, but some of us constantly want changes and a sense of time. In this situation can help not too cardinal, but more than a tangible detail - a new floor.

In the near future, the floor of tiles with a bright unusualDesign will be at the peak of popularity. This is an excellent option for conservatives and those who do not like the bright color in the interior and are afraid of overly original ideas. In the design of the floor you can really "tear yourself away."

In our opinion, aerobatics is to do thisA smooth transition between the wooden floors, living room and tile in the kitchen, if it is a combined room, of course. But if the kitchen is isolated and you want to make a garish, try using two types of tiles, one of which will simulate a tree. "Transition" to allocate an exit on a balcony or in a corridor.

In the event that a rigid and unscrupulous minimalismKitchen ceased to satisfy you, the floor of the "right" tiles can help the cause. Cozy "grandmother's" ornaments will return a feeling of warmth, coziness and color to the realm of architectural forms and glossy surfaces. The floor design can help to gather together notToo harmonious, but solid interior. The set of almost any color and architecture in skillful hands can become a beautiful, organic and original foundation for the interior, which you will love with all your heart. General details of textiles, several bright accessories and a floor of tiles will connect the space and make it one. The main thing is not to overdo it.