5 unusual houses with even more unusual interiors


We do not plan to show you invertedhouses, of which there are many. We are going to give examples of completely unique interiors in unusual homes. You will see what a creative architect can do in alliance with the customer of the Upside Down Houses, which serve as a good tourist attraction and shelter for originals, a lot has indeed been built. But it is more difficult to turn over the usual ideas about the interior. What we have not seen, what fantasies and fantastic interiors have not met on the Internet! But today's examples deserve a closer look, if only because they are all extremely shocking. And if they are not shocking, then they are either in exclusive accordance with the appearance of the house, or, more often, categorically do not correspond to it. At the same time, the style of each of the five interiors is maintained in the most rigorous way. That is, everything is possible! Especially if the architect-designer and the client find a common language. However, there is one interior in the collection, the designer of which was the owner of the house herself. But we will start with a dilapidated building in the mountains, to which two professionals “have a hand” - time and a creatively thinking architect.

Inexhaustible time

Passing by this crumbling from timea building that looks like it was abandoned at least a quarter of a century ago, it is impossible to imagine that it is the creation of the architectural office Buchner Bründler (Buchner Bründler) from Switzerland. The maestro made the most of what the time and the desperate courage of the owner gave him, who agreed to an unprecedented experiment. Can this style be called "superlift"? Or "superlift minimalism"? Or try to mention country and ecological style in the title? Bare textured concrete, sharp edges, rigid geometry of all forms in the vicinity of the texture of the really "wild" stone of the walls make a shocking impression. And when the shock passes, you start to wonder - how can you live in this house? It's a good question, because there is not even heating here. There is a roof over your head, there is water (obviously, there is drainage - nothing can be said about the sewage system) and light. There is just a stunning fireplace, which seems to be missing, there is a surprisingly laconic and very rigidly kept interior. Wood shutter doors and almost absent furniture, glass (which seems to be absent, because the frames are recessed) of the window openings already seem superfluous. But outside ... Nothing superfluous, only the passage of time, inexorable to the creation of human hands. By agreement with the client, the Linescio summer house has become just like that. The extreme owner plans to use it exclusively as a "transshipment base", and the sleeping bag can also be spread on the concrete floor. We got acquainted, of course, with the game of a country house, and not with a real residential building, which nevertheless really exists.

Gray walls from the studio of Guermo Torres

This house, which has its own name Monsta Black,created by the renowned Brazilian interior design studio Guiherme Torres. Only the living room is on display, the rest of the house is inaccessible to photographers. But what you can see is quite enough to get a lot of impressions and emotions. The young owner of the house is closely related to medicine, and to some extent this is also reflected in the interior. The house, as if made of polished blocks of concrete and marble, remains the same inside as it is outside. But there are exceptions, brought here by the designer's imagination and approved by the client (some of them were offered to them) - furnishings and decor items. If you look closely, the trick used by the architect and the designers who created the project becomes obvious. Namely: sterile (medically sterile, even, gray, ideal in its geometric accuracy) internal volume and the mass of all kinds of different-style pieces of furniture and decor seem not to notice each other. They live side by side, but do not overlap. But is it? The combination of both completely decorative art deco (and sometimes pop art) worked out! What surprises most of all in this interior. Styles visually emphasize each other. Even shabby (this style is called shabby chic), once bright carpets on the floor seem to be quite appropriate: a new, "brand new" carpet would turn it all into a frank parody. There are three exceptions: “office-pharmaceutical” colored glass panels, a heavy bike (what is a motorcycle to do in the living room? But it's in its place!) And paintings that belong precisely to the world of gray planes and openings.

Appearances are deceptive

The project is called uncomplicated - Hardiman Street- 2011 and made by Life Space Journey studio, it is clear in what year. The cottage itself, the appearance of which has not changed at all for 100 years and in the course of the work was only carefully restored, its new inner world is completely uncharacteristic. The design of the room, which is partly a studio, is not suitable for everyone. Made in a frankly eclectic style, it combines a lot of things, but not classics and various artsy modern a la Alphonse Mucha. Even a cursory glance allows you to highlight loft, minimalism, hi-tech and even - look at the floors - ecological style. All this most fully corresponds to the so-called trash aesthetics (garbage aesthetics). Why? Because almost all decor items can be found in a landfill. That there are only the old, discarded plowshares, collected in an unusual installation on the wall of the living room-studio. Or massive metal sheets never seen before in living spaces as sliding hinged doors with carved numbers. But the living room remains complete and even! Such an interior can be called sharp, bright and at the same time cold. It is very "show", probably only a volunteer will be able to live in it. But it is clear that the studio worked in agreement with the customer, who went to meet the conventions of society in the appearance of his home and allowed architects and designers to "come off in full" on the interior.

"Interior for Barbie" 96 years

HGTV studio designers who created interiors forold house in the western part of Toronto, it was very difficult. The 96-year-old owner of the house did not leave them a single step, and practically professionals had to simply visualize her ideas about the ideal home for her. Despite her advanced age, the hostess is in her right mind and good memory, therefore she is not at all embarrassed by the barbie style she has chosen. On the contrary, it was him that she wanted to receive. Even the kitchen and basement (as the Anglo-Saxons call the basement), equipped with a fireplace room, also continue the common line. At the same time, everything in the house works and everything is perfectly clean. Curtains, frills, various trinkets add fabulousness and smiles. It's hard to say that the interiors are gloomy and boring, isn't it? Each of the premises, with a consistent overall aesthetic line, has something of its own. Too pink for blondes from jokes, you say? When we reach 96, our tastes will change. But whether we will have as much energy and self-irony as the owner of this “house for Barbie” - I don’t know.

Double blue house on the island

The Canadian island of Magdalena is not very densely populated.And all the houses here are the same, from a distance one cannot be distinguished from the other. But by order of one of the owners of such a blue house, which was acquired in order to escape from the hectic world, Dwell studio saturated the interior space with very interesting interiors that not only sharply contrast with each other, but also support each other. The idea was simple - maximum functionality, the use of wood (polished and whitewashed) in large quantities, preservation of the "sea" spirit of the area. In such a house it should be lonely, but also calm. Detachment from the "mainland", from modern Canada - that's what the customer wanted to get. And he got it. For all the seeming simplicity and some kind of playfulness of the house and its interior decoration, everything is done with the highest care and reverent attention to detail. Apparently, the owner is a perfectionist and decided that he had enough of the imperfect world of people. And the nature behind the walls and the walls with furnishings inside are quite perfect and do not interfere with enjoying solitude. Silent friends - what could be better?