Under the bed: 5 tips and 25 examples of storage of things


Where to find additional free spaceTo store things? This question is most often of interest to the inhabitants of small apartments. Solve the problem easily if you use the space under the bed. If you think that all the cabinets are already occupied and there is nowhere to put things, then look under the bed. Often this place is used extremely rarely, but in vain. It turns out that it can be perfectly arranged and create additional storage systems there.

Boxes, containers, wicker baskets

Boxes, baskets, containers are the mostsimple means to make use of the empty space under the bed. Pick them up to fit and store things you rarely use. Today, the choice of such boxes is so diverse that it is easy to find the right one. They are made from any material, with lids, without lids, from fabric, with handles, wicker, mesh. Even ordinary bowls can serve as a mini organizer. If you wish, sign them or add numbers for easy search. If you do not cover the drawers with a blanket, but choose to match the decor, this will make the interior more stylish. Our opinion: - It is more convenient to store children's toys in translucent, transparent or mesh containers. Paste pictures of toys or other things that are there to make it easier to find on opaque boxes.

Home library or shelf for shoes

It is no secret that many people use the space forbed for storing shoes. To save space, put your favorite shoes not in boxes, but in transparent organizers or on wooden pallets. It is more convenient to keep order when large boxes are divided into compartments. It will also cut down on search time. This option is also suitable for those who like to read. If the bibliophile no longer has room on the walls for your favorite books, the space under the bed will definitely come in handy.

On wheels

If you use things often, it is more convenientuse retractable modules on wheels. There are many interesting options on sale now. It can be a whole construction for children's toys. For those who like to make something with their own hands, it will not be difficult to screw the wheels onto any boxes or even old suitcases.

Podium and wardrobe

If the area of ​​the room is so small that there is nowhereplace a wardrobe, then use a very interesting technique that modern designers like to use - set the bed on the podium. So there will be more storage space even with a small area. The podium bed accommodates additional drawers, book shelves and sometimes a pull-out table. The space savings are obvious. A wardrobe bed is an equally ergonomic solution. It will be equipped with additional lockers. Usually these beds are not too high, which means they are safe, especially for children.

Simple and convenient

Furniture manufacturers offer functional andergonomic bed options. There are models equipped with different drawers, baskets. There are options with a lifting mechanism. The matryoshka bed is great for children's rooms. So, when another is hidden under one bed, space is freed up. Good idea for a guest place. Used only when needed. The original solution is a bed with high legs. In the lower part, a lot of things and even a soft sofa can fit under it. Our opinion: - When the space under the bed is properly organized, it helps you not only to hide things, but also to combine functionality and beauty. Even a small space should evoke a feeling of freedom and spaciousness, not clutter. Audit your things more often, get rid of unnecessary ones without regret. Additional storage space may not be needed then.