7 colors for the interior, which will be the most popular in 2015

You can not decide until the end with the choice of colorFor your interior? We have prepared for you a selection of the 7 most used shades, which have proved themselves well in the past year and are likely to become favorites this year. It is very interesting and useful to keep track of fashion trends dictated by specialists, but it is much more important to know what is really chosen simple people. According to the leading western companies that sell finishing paints, the most popular and often used colors for the past year were:

1. Ideal white

It's no wonder that one of the leaders in sales isSnow-white shade, which with its radiance increases the natural lighting of the room and is an ideal basis for soft, elegant spaces. White tones give a sense of freedom and endless space, because visually they significantly expand even small rooms. Therefore, designers are so fond of using it in their projects, and also it perfectly matches with all colors and will suit almost any style.

2. Warm gray

Warm shades of gray are great forCreating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but at the same time making the interior elegant and refined. Successfully balancing between black and white, gray color is the embodiment of both of them. Against the backdrop of this shade, other colors will be very juicy and bright, after all the gray symbolizes pacification and calmness.

3. A saturated blue

The use of blue in the interior is consideredQuite a bold decision. But as far as this step is brave, so will it be spectacular. Nevertheless, the gloss and nobility emanating from this shade with enchanting depth, require competent application. Therefore, to make the room look harmonious in blue tones, special attention should be given to both natural and artificial lighting. Light should be in full prosperity, as the shady spaces, absorbed in the magic of blue, will become icy and gloomy.

4. Delicate pink

Cheerful and airy pink colorPresence simply obliges to remain in a good mood. But, differing in obvious femininity, this shade is bad for rooms where there is a constant male presence. Therefore, couples prefer to use it only in children. In general, pink is a wonderful companion for a purely female interior. No matter how old a woman is, surrounded by light and cheerful pink colors, she will feel more youthful, cheerful and carefree. And this is very important if you want to relax and get rid of the growing tension.

5. Neutral beige

Without a doubt, a beige color for anyThe interior can be called classic. Very simple and calm, elegant and relaxing, it always remains relevant, regardless of any trends. It is noteworthy that beige shades are of natural origin, apparently, they are also so popular. Creating space exclusively in this tone, the correct solution will be to use different textures and patterns. Unlike gray, beige color - not so good background for bright colors, rather it should be combined with the same pleasant, warm colors.

6. The elusive aquamarine

Another shade, designed to relax andCreate a calming atmosphere. It's like a reflection of the color of a sea wave, as fresh, carefree and deep. Once among the aquamarine colors, you involuntarily feel the desire for relaxation and practicing meditation or yoga. Ideal for decorating almost any room, whether it's a bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen. But here in the working spaces the charming green-blue shade is better not to use, because it is so difficult to concentrate when the interior itself has to rest.

7. Resin black

It is very difficult to get a saturated and pure blackColour. But thanks to modern technologies in the field of pigmentation, the manufacturers of paints were able to create a resinous black shade. He is incredibly deep and penetrating, which allows him to create excellent compositions and make stunning accents. And if you do not overdo it with black in the interior, you can achieve amazing results.,,,,