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What kind of cots are there: types and how to choose the right one for a healthy sleep


Today we will look at the types of beds thatEnjoy great success with modern young parents, we list their main pros and cons. And also find out what the professional designer Irina Krivtsova thinks about this. Since the first days of the child's life, parents are trying to introduce him to a high aesthetics: they are trying to choose the most beautiful. Often they find themselves in a quandary when choosing a baby crib. In addition to beauty, it is necessary to take into account other criteria. A cot is the key to a sweet and healthy baby's sleep. How to choose the perfect option for the nursery? Lull? Easily!Wooden rocking bed This option is well suited for toddlers from the first days of life to three years. Its main advantage is the motion sickness function. There are models on runners, when the whole bed sways along with the legs. There are also options equipped with a pendulum mechanism. In this case, the legs remain motionless, and only the crib is swinging. Advantages: motion sickness function. Disadvantages: it is necessary to fix the legs, which is not very convenient. With the wind:cot on wheels The cot, equipped with wheels, allows you to quickly move in any direction. This makes it easy to move it if necessary. Can be used from birth up to 3 years of age. The classic model with high sides is the guarantor of safety. Advantages:

  • mobility;
  • The possibility of motion sickness.


  • A short period of operation provided that the mobile mechanism is constantly used.

A practical solution for sweet dreams by Samaa simple wooden model without wheels is considered a practical bed. It is used for babies from birth to three years old. Usually, such cribs are chosen by parents who do not want to accustom their baby to motion sickness or who live in limited space. The model is equipped with a removable side, which can be lowered or removed if necessary. For the convenience of parents, when they put babies to bed, there are three adjustable bottom positions. Recommended for stationary use. Since it is not pumped or moved constantly, its service life is increased. Advantages:

  • Affordable cost;
  • Environmental friendliness.


  • Lack of motion sickness and mobility.

Two in one:crib-playpen The crib-playpen differs from the usual model in that its walls are fabric and in several places are equipped with a net. It is good to use it in a small area, where there is no way to put a full-fledged arena. In such a crib, the baby is not only comfortable to sleep, but also good at playing. Older children can climb into it on their own. It provides for an "entrance" from the side of the arena. It closes with a zipper. The cot is recommended for babies from birth to three years old. Advantages:

  • Can be used not only for sleep, but also for games;
  • It has a bright palette;
  • Ease of operation.


  • There are no rigid rods (it is difficult for a child to climb himself);
  • The bottom is low (parents need to bend more).

Versatile choice:transformer bed Recently, universal transformer models, provided for both newborns and adolescents, have become in demand. The cot is equipped with removable parts: drawers, changing table, shelves and side bumpers. As the child grows, it is easy to transform it. Advantages:

  • Space saving;
  • Universality;
  • Long period of operation.


  • Large dimensions and higher cost, because it contains several pieces of furniture;
  • You must immediately install in a certain place, since then it is difficult to move it.

Irina Krivtsova, designer: - Sometimes the interior needs to pick up something compact, then the choice can be stopped on the bed-transformers. At night, this is a full-fledged place to sleep, and during the day such a bed with the participation of a lifting mechanism easily turns into a cabinet, that is, it presses against the wall. This will help to make room for the games. One cot for two Traditional woodena bunk bed is an ideal solution when the family has twins or children of the same age. Recommended for children from 3 years old. It fits into any interior. It is very convenient for saving space, where it is not possible to place two beds at once. Advantages:

  • Space saving;
  • The interior looks beautiful.


  • It is more difficult to move because of the size;
  • Unsafe option (there is a possibility of falling from the "top floor"). Choose models with handrails on the stairs and high sides.

Irina Krivtsova, designer: - If the family has more than one child, and the children's bedroom is one, the loft bed will help. In the market there are many offers from manufacturers of children's furniture. You can design the bed so that it was a real adventure for the kids, for example, it looked like a ship or a princess palace and saves space in the room - had more storage space in the stairs. On a note!

  • Focus on the fact that a standard baby cot for toddlers varies within 120 cm x 60 cm, but it is better to measure the places where you plan to put it.
  • Classic options include cribs on legs, runners and castors.
  • To protect the child from injury, when his teeth are chopped, choose models with plastic or silicone attachments.
  • If you want the first time after birthThe kid was near you, pay attention to the cradle. It is designed for children up to six months. True, this is an additional cost. But it is easy to move, the child is under supervision, it is warm and cozy.
  • Pay attention to the fact that between the bars there was a distance of at least 2 cm and not more than 8 cm. This is necessary for the safety of the baby so that the handles, legs and head do not get stuck.
  • Well, if a pair of rods can be easily removed, so that in the future the grown-up kid could climb into the crib himself.
  • Choose a cot out of wood. This material is ecologically the safest and is able to "breathe". It's easy to take care of such a crib. It is well washed and dries quickly.
  • The best tree species for a baby crib are birch, alder, maple, beech. Also suitable pine. True, it is softer, so there may be signs of scratches and mechanical damage.
  • There are cots made ofPlastic or wood-based panels. In this case, when buying, pay attention to the quality certificate. The main thing is that the materials do not contain any toxins.
  • For the safety of your baby, it is important that the surface of the crib is flawlessly smooth. Swipe over it and make sure that there are no roughness and jaggies on it.
  • It is undesirable to choose painted models or varnished, polish. They may contain lead, which is unsafe for the health of the child.
  • Irina Krivtsova, designer:- The bed, regardless of the age category of the child, must have a solid base (frame). After all, wooden slats are attached to it. They play an important orthopedic role in keeping the spine in a straight position. Perhaps such beds will have additional drawers for storage at the bottom, or one large container, then such a bed will have a lifting mechanism. Both are convenient for maintaining order in the nursery. I will separately highlight the topic of mattress selection. Be sure to choose eco-friendly options. The best ones are medium in hardness, stuffed with coconut flakes. When choosing bed linen, make sure that the dyes on colored linen are non-toxic and safe for the child's health, as well as the materials from which they are made are natural. When buying a crib, follow the main rule - safety, environmental friendliness and convenience always come first. And only then beauty and design.;