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What does your white interior lack: designer tricks


White interior - it's beautiful, it's fresh, it'soriginal, but sometimes a bit boring. That's why we decided to collect 10 design tricks that will help make your white interior inimitable. We all know that a completely white interior can evoke not only a romantic mood, but also yearning. After all, monotony is not always good. And it would be good to dilute this very monotony with something. By the way, the options for this are simply the sea. Here and bright pillows, and dark curtains, and a slightly noticeable blue coffee table. All this - the favorite options for decorating the white interior. But let's not drive ourselves into the framework and see what else can make your interior more magnificent and attractive. Let's start?

Wooden interest

Combination of white with wooden insertsWhen decorating walls or floors, as well as with wooden furniture, can make your interior environmentally friendly. And the tree is not such a mark. So you have to clean up less often. And to realize such a design solution is so simple that there is nothing to talk about.

Add a drop of yellow

Yellow color in the summer beats all recordspopularity. He is everywhere: in clothes, accessories and, of course, in the interior. Purchasing yellow furniture (suitable for all shades: from bright lime to languid mustard), you easily solve the issue of emphasis in the white interior. By the way, the yellow kitchen set is something incredible. In this kitchen is not something to cook, I want to live on it! Well, you can also limit yourself to the elements of decor: put a large vase in a corner of a snow-white living room or scatter pillows all over the sofa. You decide! Our opinion: - Yellow color - this is just an example of the application of bright color in a white interior. It can perfectly replace any other color. For example, the combination of white and blue, white and red, white and black looks great.

A little painting?

Pictures have always been considered the best decorative andaesthetic for any room. But if in a motley interior such a piece of art can be lost, then on a snow-white wall, surrounded by white furniture, a bright canvas will create an accent and give the room a vital force and mood. And most importantly, it does not have to be an expensive picture of a famous artist. You can quite buy something from free talents, order online or even draw yourself.

Masonry for all occasions

Decorating walls in a white interior isA classic technique that is used by designers from around the world. Usually in such cases, use brick, stone or raw concrete. The modern construction market in our time is so great that everyone will be able to choose the finishing materials that allow to give the walls exactly the texture that is needed. The combination of gray stone with white trim is able to bring refinement and beauty to your interior. Well, if you could not make a choice from the proposed materials, then you can resort to painting the walls, which we will discuss below.

We focus on the wall

As promised, we continue to talk about the decoration of the wallsin a white interior. There are two options: wallpapers (about them below) or paint, which we will now talk about. First, paint is always available. Secondly, colors can be chosen such that even the most ardent dreamers will be surprised. And then it's up to small: choose a wall on which you want to make an accent, and paint it. By the way, it can be one wall, part of a wall, two or three walls. In general, how much inspiration is enough.

Photo Wall Mural

Photo wallpapers are another decoration optionwalls in a white interior. Today you can find dozens and hundreds of different ready-made image options, and also order your own. Photo walls allow not only to highlight a wall in your white interior, but also to give it originality, good mood and chic.

We use books

The book is an excellent decor element, capable ofgive your room an exquisite look. If your white interior includes bookshelves, then you must necessarily put a couple of colorful volumes of your favorite author. By the way, books can be arranged in colors, in form, by author or simply scattered in a chaotic order. Each option is a new design for your room. The main thing is to experiment more often and do not forget to read.

Dilute white with gray

Gray color is a noble, calm,Strict and not devoid of excellence. Its addition to the white interior is able to bring a note of dignity and some more complex beauty. It can be gray furniture, carpet or painting walls in one of the liked shades. In some cases, you can add not only gray, but also black. Then the interior will take a gradient color and stop bothering with monotony.

We decorate the floor with carpets

No, of course, pile a dozen carpets on the floorin an absolutely white room is not worth it. It will make her too heavy. But pick up the original carpet, which will be combined with accessories, not so difficult. And you can choose a black and white striped carpet with a natural or abstract pattern. Not bad in the white interior will look and carpets of irregular shape and bright colors. Our opinion: - Rug can be an excellent accent in white design. In this case, it can be both an independent element of the decor, and part of the composition. For example, in combination with pillows or curtains.

Forged decor is what you need

Forged bed, candlesticks, chandelier can becomean excellent addition to the overall picture of the white interior. Forging is able to emphasize the white interior, make it more pronounced, shade details and highlight the main thing. And it's not at all necessary to buy something big. Sometimes enough candlesticks or a couple of chairs are enough to ensure that the result meets expectations.