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Dark colors in the design of the bathroom: we say "no" to the white interior


Doubt what color to decorate the bathroom? Precisely not in the light! Why - is detailed in our article

White background and rich palette of light shades,certainly expands the space and reduces the level of interior risks, but for the bathroom, we will always advocate more daring options. This time, interior designer Marina Sargsyan decided to support us. For the occasion, she has prepared her own list of reasons to help you reconsider your beliefs about coloristic postulates. Marina Sargsyan, designer-decorator In the profession since 2005. She was born into the family of an artist who taught Marina to plunge into art with her head, to see beauty in the most primitive objects. She graduated from a technical university, a design school, specialized courses at the Career training center, attended design master classes in Finland. 1. Sterility

To the main advantages of a bright bathroom,Of course, the fact that this color expands the space, creates a sense of purity and freshness, but ... the excess of light colors in many causes a sense of sterility, is associated with the hospital room. On the comfort in this case and there is no question. 2. Impracticality

Light tones oblige to pay special attention toCleaning. Even very small spots, divorces attract attention. In turn, the presence in the bathroom of dark, deep colors gives the opportunity to play with space, create a cozy and intimate. 3. Psychological discrepancy

For people who are emotional and expressiveTone often create a feeling of discomfort. The same applies to people in life whose color as such is practically absent. Even the favorite work in an office of neutral colors can upset the lack of impressions of the most active urban residents. 4. Creative depression

Active floor (tile in the style of "pechvork") orFashionable now bright mosaic variants in a bright environment worthy to inscribe will be very difficult. The warm, deep shades will look best. This interior is suitable for eternally freezing lovers of hot baths. 5. Harsh reality

White color will be very longA common form of plumbing. Models that contrast and favorably emphasize the light background in the bathroom, even now very little, and they are much more expensive than the usual white. Because interior designers are increasingly having to beat what is available. And in this case, the background of a dark, active tile - the most winning option.