Are you going to have a haircut? Hairdresser with history and design

What can be more prosaic than the interior of the most ordinaryhairdresser? However, the interior of the interior is different, and today's interior of the week in general could not happen, turn the customer to another designer. Why? The answer is in our new material. Today we have an unusual material: the author - Alena Mkhitarova-Smirnova tells us about the history of creating an extremely unusual hairdresser's interior. Design Bureau "21" Alena Mkhitarova-Smirnova and Elena Zufarova after finishing the school of interior design "Details" have been working together for 3 years. During this time, implemented a number of projects of public and private interiors, took part in various competitions, in 2012 they were awarded the prestigious "Debut of the Year" award. Their projects are valued for their sense of proportion, intelligence, love of color and objects, smart planning decisions, and most importantly, for the pervading everything they do, the love of the customer. "We got a call from a friend and asked to meet her friend about a new project. We gladly agreed. It was about putting a beauty salon on Mayakovka. "Hello, I'm Zhenya," said the pleasant blonde with an open, friendly gaze and held out her hand for greeting. - I have been working in this business for 30 years, and at last I decided to open my own salon. This is my dream! I think that now I know exactly what I want. The salon should be very warm, homely. I want my clients, many of whom have long been friends, came to visit me, not just a haircut / dye / manicure. I see something very Moscow or even a summer residence in the atmosphere ... The main thing is that tea, lampshade, talk ... and do not want to leave! Alena Mkhitarova-Smirnova: "Launch the light" in all the premises can be thanks to the transoms and internal windows - a reception common in Europe. Flames can be located above the doors, in the walls between the rooms - wherever you do not want to put an obstacle to the light in the form of a blind partition. You can place them at different heights, making them of different sizes and shapes. This often helps us out when there are more rooms in the apartment than windows. If they are made large enough, it will psychologically unite the neighboring premises. " We relaxed, mentally plunged into the atmospherethe old Moscow house, we are already sitting under a shade with a flowing warm light, we are drinking tea ... "" But we have very strict requirements of the SES, "Zhenya utters in a very different voice, and the imaginary lampshade on our heads with cotton disappears - according to the finishing materials, ventilation and the like. If anything is wrong, they will not work. - I see, what do you plan to place there? - 2 cosmetology rooms with an area of ​​12 square meters. m and 14 square meters. m (with a shower), a manicure room, an administrator's workplace, a cosmetics sales area, a space for visitors to relax, where you can have tea and a master class if necessary, a rest room for staff, a kitchen, a bathroom and storage, storage, storage ... - Well, how many meters do you have? - About 50. - ??? - And that's not all: the opening should take place exactly after 1.5 months, I already send out invitations. At this time there will be my Italian partners, they must be present. And friends from Holland will come ... Alena Mkhitarova-Smirnova: "The proportions of the premises can be visually adjusted. If the color with which the ceiling is painted, "descends" on the walls, small rooms with a high ceiling cease to seem wells. Painted in a contrasting color frame of windows, doors, and in this case - the transoms make the necessary rhythm, graphics and also work on the feeling of increasing volume and emphasize the geometry of the room where it is needed. Also the color can be set the correct trajectory of the guests' movement. " From the categorical "It's impossible !!!"Only the fact that from the first day of the existence of our bureau the word" impossible "was saved under strict prohibition. At parting, Zhenya said: - Yes, I almost forgot: I still can not do without a photo studio and a place for painting in mini-groups. We took time to think, although, probably, immediately realized that we would not refuse. We really liked Eugenia and her dreams. As a result, after 1.5 months, from this dreary concrete shell with a lonely metal column opposite the front door, this small but very nice salon in Blagoveshchensky Lane turned out, and we acquired a new wonderful friend, who also will never hear "This is impossible", since nothing is impossible. Alena Mkhitarova-Smirnova: "It is important to maximize the use of the premises vertically. In small rooms there is always not enough storage space. You can use rollout drawers located under the podium. As facades for such storage systems, carpentry doors or textiles can be used. Surely there are a lot of other options. " The area of ​​the cabin had to be increased from 50 sq. M. m to 75 square meters. m to accommodate all rooms. This was done thanks to the layout of rooms at various levels. The height of the ceilings was initially almost 5 m. "

By the way

  • For floor and walls, Tikkurila paint was chosen.
  • As decorative light were usedVintage "balls" for public premises and fixtures from IKEA. Furniture for the hairdresser's zone, pedicure cabinet and sales area is made according to the sketches of designers.
  • Flames and doors are also made to order according to sketches of designers.
  • The project involved vintage furniture items and professional equipment for beauty salons.
  • The project uses illustrations of Varvara Lyubovna.
  • But this was the dream of Eugenia