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10 most useful applications for your interior

Want to know how it will look likea sofa in your living room before you buy it? Or maybe you need to determine the name of a beautiful shade? Or just hang a picture? Now only a smartphone and several applications are needed for this. Smartphones, tablets and other useful gadgets are increasingly integrated into our daily lives. And if you have not yet wondered how your mobile device can help you in decorating your interior, then we advise you to get acquainted with our selection of the ten most useful and cool applications.

1. IKEA Catalog, / store From now on, the "fans" of IKEA can not only watch the catalogs of the company on their mobile devices, but also virtually project the furniture they like right into their room. The application runs both on the iOS operating system and Android. You just need to scan the models you like with a smartphone or tablet, and also take a picture of the magazine on the floor of the room so that the application can determine the projection scale relative to the space. That's all, after a successful "fitting" sofa you can safely go to the nearest store for his purchase!

2. BoConcept / ru Another Scandinavian company, but already a Danish furniture network, decided to follow the example of the eminent Swedes and developed a similar application. By downloading it to your smartphone, you can select the desired items from a large catalog of goods and project them onto your interior. At the end of the virtual arrangement, you can even take a picture and save it in the device's memory. And what about free designer's departure to the house? Just keep in mind that the application is designed only for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, for the Android platform it, unfortunately, is not.

3. MyPantone / store A very useful program that quickly and qualitatively makes a selection of color combinations to any desired hue. And this will happen in the best traditions of color, so now you do not have to puzzle over what color curtains to choose for the wallpaper in the living room. The application was created only for devices on the Android platform.

4. Benjamin Moore Color Capture, / store Another application related to colors, but working on a different principle. This tool is incredibly convenient not only for designers, but also for ordinary users it will allow to recognize any shade only with the help of a photo. Just take a picture, and Color Capture completes everything else. You can find it on Google Play and the AppStore.

5. Magic Plan, / store It's just awesome! This is how you can characterize an application that allows you to create a plan of a room with only one frame, which is priceless for anyone who starts repairs. Take a photo, and the application will independently calculate and draw the room not only in the correct proportions, but also with the furniture arranged! Works under the control of operating systems from Google and Apple.

6. Homestyler Interior Design, / store As always great software from brilliant Autodesk Inc. With the help of the usual picture of the room, a three-dimensional base of space is created, where you can add everything that your heart desires. Furniture, lamps, paintings, mirrors and carpets - all this appears on the screen with just one finger touch. In addition, your projects can be shared through social networks, as well as inside the application itself, to find many interesting articles and contacts. Installation is possible from both Google Play and AppStore.

7. Bubble level, / store If your mobile device has a good gyroscope, then from now on carry a level or plummet is no longer necessary. With the help of the Bubble level, you can do the calibration, determine the angle or tilt in any place where you can attach your smartphone or tablet. And it does not matter, your device will be on the Android or iOS platform. Bought a new picture or a mirror? Then in two counts you can hang them evenly without any problems.

8. Kitchens. New design ideas from professionals / en Hundreds of fresh and very stylish ideas for kitchen design are gathered in this app, so now there is always where to draw inspiration. Not available for Android, but lucky owners of Apple products will be able to use the program for free.

9. Photo Measures, / store Finding out the dimensions of a room or an individual thing has never been so easy! Having at your disposal a smartphone or tablet with a camera running iOS or Android, you can not only measure everything you need in a matter of seconds, but also store these data in the device's memory.

10. Handyman calculator / store This program is included in the top 100 most useful applications and is completely Russified. An irreplaceable thing, because it not only helps to calculate the costs of funds and materials for repairs, but also allows you to control workers, keeping them from overspending paint or drywall, but enjoy it only owners of Android-devices.,,,,,