Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Loft style apartment: 125 meters, 4 rooms and 3 dressing rooms

This apartment is a sample of pure modern stylewith loft elements. There are a lot of gray colors, fashionable lamps and a very popular moss wall today. At the same time, the interior is also exceptionally functional and cozy. We regularly introduce you to the designer Pavel Alekseev and today we present the next project, created in co-authorship with Svetlana Alekseeva, - an apartment for a family with a teenage son. Specific wishes from customers were not, but with stylistics they were clearly defined: the interior should have turned out to be modern, a bit brutal - after all there are two men in the house - and with local loft elements. Pavel and Svetlana Alekseyeva Pavel and Svetlana - designers and decorators, received a higher building education in KSASU. Pavel is a designer, an architect and a former head of a construction company. Alekseevs are participants and finalists of the PinWin7 and PinWin8 and ADD AWARDS 2015 competitions. Life credo: the best design is a harmonious design. Layout The layout is interesting because the kitchen and living room are the center of the apartment, not only ideologically, but in the most direct sense: through them the path to the office, bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms goes. In general, the original layout suited the customers, so the adjustments made were minimal. Kitchen-living roomgoes to the living room, so together with it, the dining area and kitchen form a single public space in which the family rests, spends time with each other and receives guests. In color this zone turned out to be the most light and soft: in the palette, the shades of gray and natural texture of light wood predominate. As a color accent partwalls behind a sofa, trimmed with panels of stabilized moss, which brings the freshness of the greenery to the interior. Another bright spot in the atmosphere of the public zone is the wine color used in textiles and the upholstery of the soft chair Piccola Papilio from B & B Italia. From the living room, the kitchen area is visually separated from the widebar counter, behind which you can comfortably have a snack, drink a cup of coffee or even work with a laptop. The main dining group is located at the window and consists of a round white table surrounded by light transparent chairs Kartell. There are new colors in the working area of ​​the kitchen: A dark graphite shade of gray and a muted gray-blue. The set of light wood is made to order and is located in two lines - along the opposite walls. The technology was chosen, giving preference to the products of the German brand Bosch. Decor is used at a minimum: basically it is brought by customers from travel trivia, a couple of textured pots with greens in the kitchen and Paul's favorite type of contemporary art - large posters in frames. Bedroom The first bedroomturn for recreation, framed in a deep and calming blue. At the same time, a fairly calm palette is not devoid of active details: an accent headboard, a geometric print on wallpaper, a large picture and a round black clock. Most of the furniture in this room is made to order according to the sketches of designers. Cabinet The interior of the cabinet turned out to be the darkestand in the apartment: the shades of gray are combined with brown skin and blue and black flowers. The premise is intended simultaneously for serious work and for rest of a man's part of a family, therefore a convenient workplace adjoins to a soft sofa, the TV and a game console. Slightly rubbed leather, inscriptions on the wall and metal details maximally approach the cabinet to the loft style, and a full-length mirror visually enlarges a small room. The son's room As well as the kitchen-living room,the son's room is made in light colors. However, since it's still childish, even for a teenager, there are a lot of color accents: dark red, yellow, colorful wallpaper and a bright white hue. Functionally, the room contains all the necessary areas: for sleep, study and rest. And the necessary calculations, useful formulas or just your thoughts can be recorded directly on the wall at the table! Bathroom In the interior of the master bathroomThe rooms are dominated by white color and wood texture, forming a very calm and cozy palette. The area is 7.5 sq. M. m allowed to place in the bathroom a full stand-alone bath and a cabinet for two sinks with capacious boxes. As a towel warmer it was decided to use a stylized wooden, which not only performs its basic function, but also decorates the room. Bathroom Small guest bathroom onpart-time plays the role of a household unit: a spacious storage system is organized here, as well as a place for washing and drying machines. It is decorated in calm colors: white and gray in different shades and textures. In this interior were used: Kitchen:

  • dining table - STUA (Spain), model Lau;
  • dining chairs - Kartell (Italy), model Papyrus;
  • bar stools - Calligaris (Italy), model SAMI;
  • kitchen set is made to order;
  • household appliances - Bosch (Germany);
  • tiles - Iris Ceramica (Italy), series Metal Line;
  • decorative ceiling paint - CeboSi Fondo Plus (Italy).

Living room:

  • a wardrobe and a TV stand are made to order;
  • sofa - BoConcept (Denmark);
  • armchair - B & B Italia (Italy), model Piccolo Papilio;
  • a coffee table - BoConcept (Denmark);
  • interior doors - Estet (Russia);
  • panels from stabilized moss - FernArt (Russia);
  • decorative ceiling paint - CeboSi Fondo Plus (Italy).


  • The bed is made to order according to the sketches of designers;
  • curbstone, table and ottoman are made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • Wallpaper - Eco Wallpaper (Sweden), collection Dimensions;
  • decorative ceiling paint - CeboSi Fondo Plus (Italy).

The son's room:

  • all furniture is made to order according to the sketches of designers;
  • facing tiles from old bricks - REGUS Design (Russia);
  • Wall-papers - Rebel Walls (Sweden), model Fractal;
  • decorative ceiling paint - CeboSi Fondo Plus (Italy).


  • sofa - CTS Salotti (Italy), model Oasi;
  • coffee table - BoConcept (Denmark);
  • Shelving and table are made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • Wall-papers - Mr Perswall (Sweden), model Writers - Thinking in ink;
  • decorative ceiling paint - CeboSi Fondo Plus (Italy).