Male design: interior design ideas

How to reduce the number of errors in the designinterior to a minimum? To answer this question, today we decided to turn to the methods that men use in their interiors. It's all wrong to be mistaken, and to say that a man never makes mistakes would be wrong on our part. Therefore, we decided to consider the main aspects in which representatives of the strong half of mankind manage to reduce the number of errors to a minimum.

1. The secret of the ideal order

Looking into a truly bachelor interior, oftenyou can find there an impeccable order. How do men manage to support it? The whole secret is in the organization of space: the availability of bookshelves, chests of drawers and other pieces of furniture that interfere with free movement is minimized. That's why men choose for themselves the style of loft, high-tech, minimalism or Scandinavian. For the same reason, they prefer hidden shelves to open shelves. In the male interior, in the first place it is a question of practicality and rational use of each square meter.

2. Combination of colors and ornaments

Unexpected combination of patterns or shadescan cause true delight only in the event that when they are combined, the "golden mean" will be observed. This is a fine line, which is very easy to cross and make the interior overloaded. Therefore, try to combine several patterns of the same style, for example, stripes on the carpet and squares on the pillows. Try to make a kind of mirror mirroring the ornaments so that the various interior objects resonate with each other. Thus, rounded decor objects can emphasize the shape of the ceiling chandelier, and the geometric patterns depicted on the posters will serve as a reference to the figures on the pillows.

3. Art objects

In the interior of the man there are no random objectsdecor, especially if it comes to art. Every picture, sculpture or photograph makes sense to the owner and is an expression of his taste, aesthetic preferences. To avoid mistakes, do not buy a piece of decor just to keep it on your shelf or hang on the wall to supplement the overall composition. Each element in the interior one way or another speaks about the owner of the apartment. If you have chosen a picture, then it should not only be beautiful in terms of design, it must necessarily please you and harmonize with your internal state.

4. Color combinations

The interior, decorated by a man, in mostThere are no cases of red or orange spots. He is not screaming, but not boring. In the apartment of a representative of the stronger sex, you will most often find a calm color palette. There may be shades of gray, a rich spectrum of brown, green and blue, used in the role of accent. It is possible that the interior can be seasoned with a bright element, for example, a large armchair of yellow hue. In any case, to make the experimental piece of furniture look appropriate, use a color that will most successfully blend in with the overall color scheme.

5. Multifunctionality

The furniture, which is in the men's cloister,must necessarily carry a few functions. For example, a coffee table simply has to be sturdy to be used as a footrest. This applies to other interior items. They are all practical, functional and ergonomic. When it comes to lighting, the favorite lamp is conveniently adjustable in height, the switches are equipped with light controllers and in the interior there are necessarily built-in ceiling lights, zoning space. Everything is calculated to the smallest detail, it's not for nothing that they say that men are rational people.

6. Textures and materials

One can argue long about the male and female approach tointerior design, but the fact that strong representatives of mankind have a special passion for materials that have pronounced texture and texture remains unchallenged. Natural wood, flax, brick, leather, metal - let if not all at once, then individually will be present in the interior of the man. As a floor covering, a representative of the stronger sex will choose a massive board or parquet, which is nice to walk barefoot, feeling the warmth of the tree. The walls can be brick, concrete or decorated with decorative plaster. It is possible that in this interior there will be woven or knitted things, burlap in the decor, linen on the pillows, leather in the upholstery of the furniture. A man likes to feel his interior not only visually, but also tactile. And if a woman likes silk, velvet and glossy surfaces, then men like coarser materials. For example, Yevdokia Evdokimov's favorite material is a brick. Evgeny Evdokimov, interior designer: - Brick is one of my most favorite and at the same time universal materials. It is so multifaceted that it can be inscribed in any modern interior - from ethnic styles, Provence and minimalism, to eclecticism and Scandinavian style. The texture of a brick can be present both in the whole room, and with accents highlighting individual walls. In a typical apartment, a brick can easily be replaced with a decorative masonry. Here are some examples of the use of bricks depending on the effect that it should carry:

  • Brick masonry can be left untouched or cleaned and varnished - this option will look great in the interior of the loft or country.
  • Scandinavian style and Provence suggest coloring in white colors.
  • The bright color of the brick is perfect for ethnic interiors and eclecticism.
  • Nevertheless, I repeat: a brick can be present in any other interior, the main thing is to rely on a sense of style and harmony.

    7. Without Formalities

    And a little more about furniture. Of course, it can not be denied that men gravitate towards antiques or vintage things. But when it comes to everyday practical use of this or that piece of furniture, the man will choose for himself a model that can be exploited for a long time and not be afraid that something will happen to her. Priorities for the representative of the stronger sex - comfort, durability, durability. Our opinion: - This once again says that in the interiors of men there are no random things or details. Rational and practical men always surround themselves with stylish, aesthetically balanced things, they know how to find a "golden mean" in terms of color range, decor and ornaments. The male interior is moderately strict. He is interesting with his textures, not overloaded with details, which allows him to look solid. Let us reiterate that our article is based on observations and is not a set of rules or standards.